Winona Ryder Naked (3 Photos)

Leaked photos of Winona Ryder. Unconfirmed.

Winona Ryder Naked 01

Winona Ryder Naked 02

Winona Ryder Naked 03

43 thoughts on “Winona Ryder Naked (3 Photos)

  1. Lou

    What I don’t get is all these leaked pictures of the rich and famous and they all have shitty quality pictures.Its like they all own the cheapest camera or cell phones.
    Anyway keep on sharing

    1. roccotje

      Hey lou i got you answer for that. The fppening is about hacking the icloud. Meaning if the entire world buys shitty products. So does the popstars rockstars aka the famous people. We all get shitty end results.. im this case meaning shitty pictures taken from a shitty iphone

        1. retarded

          You are retarded. You post a link about iphone 6, but pics was taken, maybe 2-3 or even 10 years ago, so, what are you talking about. Some pics are even from 2004.

    2. johndoe

      the iphone has been known for having a lousy camera for years, almost all of the pics have too much red in them

      1. suck it bitch

        Your a moron its the exact opposite the iPhone has been known to have one of the best cameras on a smartphone. No your facts before u go touting about shit u don’t know about.

        1. Idiot

          Uhm, does it have a 40 MP camera like the Nokia? No, it’s nowhere near as good as the Nokia, anyone saying that it’s one of the best is delusional, eat a dick you moron.

        2. Jimmy

          You fucking idiot it’s a well known fact that the iPhone has one of the least resolutions of all Smart Phone Cameras. The iPhone 6 is half the resolution of the Galaxy S5, which came out long before.

          1. Calvinator

            Holy. Fuck. Pictures of celebs naked, and you losers turn it into a thread about iPhone camera quality?? Crawl back into your mom’s basement and STFU.

        3. Shadow

          And the point is none of the smart phones compare to pictures with a ‘REAL CAMERA’ IE smart phone shitty picture real camera better picture when taken in the same way

    3. Meg

      Yeah, idiot, how dare they not take naked photos of themselves in well-lit rooms on high-def cameras so that when some virgin neckbeard decides to hack them, the quality of the photos won’t offend you.

        1. Stewie Griffin

          Shut up Meg! You know what you are? You’re the end result of a drunken backseat grope-fest and a broken prophylactic.

    1. Dirk Diggler

      Definitely legit. I just compared her tit shot to the tit shot in A Scanner Darkly, and although it’s an animated film, the size, and dimensions are spot on. Sad that I have this much time on my hands.

  2. La

    True that..

    I have a Verizon iPhone but my wife an AT&T, both 4. The picture quality is insane. My camera is perfect, her quality looks much like this.

    Infact; my iPhone 4 has better quality than my iPad 4 too

    Go figure.

  3. Bill

    the shots that are the worst are using the front facing camera (2nd of these pictures) and low light conditions. The front facing camera is for selfies and facetime not for high quality. And iPhones don’t do well with low light with either camera…

    1. vitobonespur

      Looks fake to me. Photoshopped. But the pics here — how in the fuck do we know they are Winona Ryder? They could be some jerkoff’s ugly gf who just happens to have a decent pair of tits. Oh well…you get what you pay for.

    2. LW

      Fake ass shit, why would you even post that? This entire site is full of clickbait garbage, every second post is fake. It seems the owner doesn’t even TRY to keep real shit.

  4. rudeboy749

    good question dumbass, who gives a flying fuck what the cell phone quality is just enjoy the fucking pics u stupid asswipes

  5. TonguePunchHerFartBox

    Lol funny to look back on this 3 years later and see you Cheeto fingers talking about the iPhone 4 and 6. Especially with the X out today. Then again, I’m sure someone will say the same 3 years from now.

  6. Bunch of idiots

    Are you fucking serious? You all are arguing about phones instead of just enjoy these pictures of a beautiful woman NAKED, i have lost my faith in humanity


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