Velvet Sky Naked (1 Photo)

Velvet Sky – is an American professional wrestler. Good Luck 🙂

Velvet Sky Naked 001

17 thoughts on “Velvet Sky Naked (1 Photo)

        1. MoonGoose

          well actually she’s looking in the mirror and if you look at it this way. If she’s facing you. Her right we’ll be your left and your right will be her left. Does that help explain things a bit

  1. johndoe

    I dont care if its hers I dont even know who Velvet Sky is whoever the person in the pic is , is fine as hell the face may not be all that but they body is a 10

  2. tyrio

    its Velvet Sky the pic was taken before her new tattoo you can see the old one before she cover it up with the new one And Please can you guys get more of her she is a doll


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