Tiffany Trump Sexy (5 Photos)

Tiffany Trump enjoys a holiday on a yacht in Tuscany, 07/19/2017. Tiffany Ariana Trump is an American Internet personality and model. She is the daughter of the U.S. president, Donald Trump. Age: 23.


36 thoughts on “Tiffany Trump Sexy (5 Photos)

  1. Connoisseur

    The word SEXY is used in these titles too loosely. Nothing sexy about this chick. That’s why daddy keeps her hidden.

  2. Humpback Herman

    I’ve banged a lot of butterface chicks that look like her and chelsea clinton. They usually have nice bodies and never complain about a load in the mouth. Dont knock it until you’ve tried it.

  3. Fuck Russki Trumpski

    All of his spawn look like moronic bucktoothed yokels. Even the daughter he himself keeps wanting to fuck.

  4. L. Knight

    Someone send my condolences to Trump on his retarded offspring.

    But srsly, she looks like she has Downs. I don’t think she can count past 2. “1…. 2…. …. Potato….”


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