34 thoughts on “Teresa Palmer Naked (30 Photos!)

    1. William

      she is so hot, sexy an so fine, an i love her in every movie she has been in, great actor, just love her in so many ways, yum yum yum

      1. Richie Parker

        Seriously? I hope im just drunk…….why is captain crunch and what does it do!????……….really capt hello im earth!?

    1. bonjorno

      Becouse it’s his wife …. He saw her naked many times … You will be know something about this when you stop faping and get some girl ;D

  1. jaymurda

    I would fuck her so hard with my cock that she would cum on my cock and then i would cum in her pussy and she would say thank you then I’d murder that slut and fuck her corpse with my cock

  2. Doug

    The man looks eerily like Brett Ryan, a Canadian spree killer who killed his mother by strangulation and two brothers with a crossbow on August 25, 2016. What is it with faggots with steely grey eyes and thick eye lashes, they act like everyone loves them when they harbor really fucked up urges?

  3. Doug

    is a faggot
    Warning someone of a potential murderer is whiney? Jesus fucking Christ. I just said what the nationality of the spree killer was, that should be a dead giveaway of where I live

  4. Chris Manning

    When you are fucking Ms Palmer and her five lovely daughters, you are obviously having a wank or even a fap. As her name is Palmer, does that mean we are now being extremely imaginative as well? I certainly hope so…


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