9 thoughts on “Tammy Lynn Sytch Naked (18 Photos)

    1. Hanschen

      sadly, its her, drugs and alc make this out of one beatyful tammy… i loved her in her wwe time, but im really sad to see where shes going…

  1. Chuck

    Very disappointing to see how far she’s dropped in terms of looks.

    Any luck obtaining the Terri Runnels nude pics from about 2-3 years ago that never got leaked?

  2. DD1982

    Regarding Tammy/Sunny:

    Nowadays you can “book” her for a nude-skype-chat. If you want proof, check her twitter..

  3. matt logan

    Hell in her WWF days she sohuld have done playboy when she had a rock hard body . I saw her pics on missy hyatts site and DVD from like 10 yrs ago still not good


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