Sophie Marceau Topless (34 Photos)

Sophie Marceau rests in bikini and topless with Cyril Lignac in Capri, 31/07/16. Super paparazzi shots! Sweet couple! Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu is a French actress, director, screenwriter, and author. Age: 49 (17 November 1966).

14 thoughts on “Sophie Marceau Topless (34 Photos)

  1. tommygunny777

    Simply WOW! She’s really competing with Jennifer Aniston for the best natural 45+ tits. It’s really freakin’ time Jen went properly topless so that we can jugde fairly.

    PS: remember that Marion Cotillard topless post a while back? Almost ten years younger, yet her tits look ten years older. I think Marion was one of the sexiest women ever in her prime, but just ridiculous how well Sophie’s boobs are holding up. Just sayin’.

    1. Jennifer Anuston

      Jennifer did lots of full nudity in ‘Wanderlust’ then goes and promotes the movie for it ‘nudity’ and then forces the director to cut her nude scenes out. WTF! Biggest $#!* dick tease of the century!


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