Shasta Wonder Naked (14 Photos)

Black hottie Shasta Wonder poses for Tim Bradshaw photoshoot (2017). Shasta Wonder is a full-time freelance traveling model born in Rwanda and based in Los Angeles. Age – 26.


21 thoughts on “Shasta Wonder Naked (14 Photos)

  1. Joey Coco

    Why does the description say “black hottie” instead of just “hottie”? All of the other entries on this blog don’t say “white model” or “white actress” or “white hottie”, so why categorize her color and not anyone else’s? And yes, this is coming from a white guy!

    We can see she’s black just from the picture. Just say “hottie”.

    1. Gawd

      Its also their tradition to deep fry one of the balls of the sperm donor. The other ball i baked while still in the sac.

  2. JohnnyFuckFace1017



    one of the best things about this site is that you can be your worst self, and no one judges you. it’s like some sort of warped brotherhood.

    that said, I think this woman is beautiful.

  3. peter dobson

    You can see at her body that this lady never had any hunger in Africa. So that means she is well-off. That is the only reason that she was able to make a career. Ok, her face is not very great but her body tells all the tales of Africa.
    Except the hunger.


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