Selena Gomez Naked (5 New Photos)

Selena Gomez Naked.
Fake or not?

Please DOWNLOAD this photo archive, until i am forced to remove it.

Selena Gomez Naked 001

Selena Gomez Naked 002

Selena Gomez Naked 003

Selena Gomez Naked 004

Selena Gomez Naked 005


Please DOWNLOAD this photo archive, until i am forced to remove it.

69 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Naked (5 New Photos)

  1. Bearerofbadnews

    Most of the selena gomez ones are fake. Similar freckle/mole thing yes, but her cheeks aren’t that chubby. I’m pretty sure this girl is asian too. (No proof just speculation)

      1. shayan

        hi my name is shayan I won’t to say you are soo hot and sexy I want to download your real porn video can you send your picture everyday to me please??

          1. pH

            Hi ..I am pH…. I am interested on you ….you are very hot and sexy singer ….and a great model …..send me more pics…..

      1. Alex

        So you’re saying you would rather not know if this is truly Selena Gomez or not? Skepticism is healthy in all matters of life and being a skeptic often times leads one to the truth in most matters, this being a big one. It’s upsetting that you’re so willing to believe something with little to no actual proof. You’d make a great Christian. Or Muslim. Or really any religious follower that depends on the sole fact that it’s existence is held together by it’s followers complete, unquestioning, delusional belief of such obvious nonsense. I got it! Maybe if you pray to your God hard enough, he’ll tell you if this is or isn’t Selena and then you can report back to us. Praise Jesus. For without him, we would all surly be forced to form our own opinions and beliefs! So I say once again, PRAISE JESUSSSSS! (My mom’s gardener would surely happily accept all your praise but I think his name is pronounced HEY-Seuws, but really, not much difference.)

        1. Alex

          And btw, the person who photoshoped all the other moles on this girl forgot to do so on the picture where this girl is wearing that sash-looking thing. These photos have been proven not to be genuine, there is a entire imgur gallery of this girl in the Iron Maiden cut-off. All without the necessary moles to make people think this is Selena Gomez. Jus sayin’.

          1. Thomas

            So alex, I assume you are an atheist? If so let me help enlighten you to the in the fact that many Christians and Muslims don’t base their belief in their God, solely by their followers undying belief. The entire belief is a relationship with their God/Allah. So instead of harassing and demeaning religious beliefs because you don’t understand them or because they are the easiest to make fun of. Try using something more productive, if you can actually form your own opinions or beliefs without using someone else’s previous statement.
            Also if you say there is no God then how do we make moral decisions? how do we say something is right or wrong without someone who we think is higher than us saying so?

        2. Nobody

          wow this guy just write an essay just to make a statement ”knowing something is better” lmao its just made my day!

    1. the rippa

      kim kardashian is stupid fucking idiot, iq level is probably less than that of a boulder…. and not to mention she isnt even that good looking.

      in my eyes each of those kardashians can suck a giant donkey cock every single minute of everyday…

      ugly ass bitches, all of them…

      1. Ranie

        Yeah ure right. Those cocksuckin hoes are way to overrated and i just hate them for that. I despice kim the most n kloe is d worst of them all- too fat. Kourtney is ok though!

  2. Jijsd

    These pictures were already proven fake a month ago. The girl that posted these had many more pictures, but zoomed out more.

    1. john

      celebs are people too…Look hard at the Pic above…..they both have the same necklace plus they have both the same lips, jaw, hair and right breast bump……sadly the album you provided have none of those…nice try though……

  3. anon

    It’s fake. it’s been debunked. I lost the link but she’s some other girl. I almost thought it was her also. But the skin tone is way lighter than hers. The one with the swimsuit is an x-ray of her wet white swimsuit.

  4. Mike Hawk

    This bitch is flat chested bro. But Man I saw the Hope Solo and boy did I cum all over my girls ass. Post some of Tina Fey!

  5. jimmy crackcorn

    ^^^dude just proved theyre not Selena. Look at the real pix. .u can see some douche photoshopped the moles on her tits to try to prove its her. The chick is hott though but not Selena

  6. really

    for those saying real and arguing with those saying they are fake, are you fucking clueless? a fucking idiot can tell they are not her, but you want to believe so bad that they are that your fucking blinded by your prepubescent dicks, the 1 guy gave you the link to the actual archive showing more of her face and body, actually go look and see for yourselves you fucking morons, jesus christ, learn a real from a fake before you go debating it and ultimately end up losing, fuckin idiots

  7. BIG boy

    this is fake your cheeks are too fat her lip align meant is wrong and selena has to birth marks near her lip in the nudes there are none

  8. Bryan

    The easiest way to make a determination if these are fake or not is to look at the chin. The chick in the pics has a much more rounded chin than does Selena. Would be nice if they were real, but unfortunately they aren’t.

  9. Monica Navarro

    I think Selena Is AMAZING! Ive always found her to be hawt ASF! I wouldn’t mind spending some quality time exploring her head to toe 😉
    I wonder if she is into girls ;p

  10. Andy De La O

    But still no one knows if it is actually selena gomez that could still be her because she’s hot. Hello Selena I think that your nude pics are hot


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