17 thoughts on “Selena Gomez in Bikini (19 Photos)

  1. balllen

    nice camel toe

    I guess she read this website, or at least other celebrity mags that complained about how fat she have become :p

    1. admiraal kemna

      Why are you saying she is fat? She is 10 times more good looking as the girl you will ever marry. Only because she is a celebrity she has to become skinny? Thats just bs.

  2. shut your mouth

    all mexicans get fat after the age of 22. This is just her being a mexican. Once she shits out a kid she will go to a square block. See it alllllll the fucking time.

    1. Dopeboii

      Wrong my wife is Mexican and she pushed out 3 of my kids and she is thinner then this chick. Get your facts straight buddy it happens to some but not all


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