Sarah Hyland Naked (27 Photos)

Leaked photos of Sarah Hyland.

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 01

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 02

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 03

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 04

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 05

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 06

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 07

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 08

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 09

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 10

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 11

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 12

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 13

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 14

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 15

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 16

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 17

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 18

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 19

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 20

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 21

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 22

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 23

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 24

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 25

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 26

Sarah Hyland Naked Leaked 27

56 thoughts on “Sarah Hyland Naked (27 Photos)

  1. Tommy

    I doubt the explicit pics are of her. She got off well compared to other celebs.
    Who’s the girl in the red underwear and white top at the end though? That aint Sarah Hyland

    1. vandelay

      Ya I’m also dying to know who the super hot blonde is. That Sarah chick looks to b e 15 years old…and that’s disturbing

          1. Bill

            Yes it does u stupid fuck if him and her are in u didnt loose ur virginity till u were 18 with someone mostlikly a guy atleast 18?

        1. Gary

          Im 48 and my girl is 18, We been together since she was 16. The laws in each state are different.

          1. john zabrinski

            you’re full of shit gary. the only action you get is from rosie palm in your mothers basement.

          2. Ed_Choo_Micated1

            54(me) & 24(her) and the fun never ends. she is a wild one but it definitely keeps me in shape. At least once a day for both of us. I have learned to control my blood flow and adrenalin burst after years of practicing the start and stop at the last second at which point I am able to feel an orgasm but without the semen being fully ejaculated unless she wants me to. That way I am able to keep a full erection until one of us just runs out of steam finally, and taps out. And I have gotten to the stage of using this technique, it is now 80% of the time, her young, vibrant, healthy ass tapping out, if I let her. Not one complaint from her side that I have ever heard or seen, and it looks like it is only going to get more interesting with her being that young and me being able to keep the motor running without having to pit stop every time she has reached what she thinks is the the most intensive it can get for a person, only to feel me drop down a gear and start revving the RPMs up to get her started down that road again, before she has even stopped shaking from the last road trip I took her on.
            I’ve already got her swearing off looking for a partner younger than 45 regardless of how good looking and healthy they may be to any woman out here. She now agrees with me and a lot of others in terms of the physical aspects of relationships, and that is we are naturally attracted to younger women, and older women are attracted to younger men. If people would quit using outdated perception about a couple being in bounds of normal just because that what some ancestors said was supposed to be the only way to have a relationship and be considered acceptable in their society. It hasn’t shown any negatives in any of our lives , and actually has improved our ability to look at the whole life picture from a multitude of different angles and not feel like everything has to be set in stone.
            If both parties are of legal age and both agree that is consensual. then to hell with anyone else’s opinion.

  2. Ilovethisguy

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Thank you for making my day posting these!! I LOVE Sarah. She is gorgeous. Wow. Her body is better than I even imagined!

    1. BobHope

      That is not where a kidney operation or procedure scar would be. It would be up around the belly perotineal are or lower back depending on procedure. Maybe if she had a bladder op it would be down there but nothing to do with kidneys

      1. BingCrosby

        U are absolutely correct. I’m in the medical profession and kidney surgery is usually done through the back where it is actually located closer to the kidneys.

        1. Joe Reichard Surgical Technician

          You’re both wrong. A FLANK incision is used meaning the SIDE right where your “tickle” spot lives.

  3. Name

    The last pictures are obviously not her, derp. But the explicit ones are 99.99% PROBABLY NOT her. And by that I mean they are most definitely not.

    1. jjj

      White shirt is not her. Explicit ones are. Read an interview with her. She doesnt directly come out and say “yes those are legit” but she does come out and say “I’m worried they have more”. Basically implying they are her and that there are likely more out there we didn’t get to see. Our loss on that. But lucky us on these.

  4. David McCall

    well if these are pics hacked from sarahs icloud then its only obviously that the pictures of the other woman were pictures sent to sarahs phone …possibly a lesbian lover oooooooooh

  5. sam

    I’ll look at the pictures, but why, why take them. And white women now have black women doing it because they want to be just like them. That’s what we call a slave mentality.

    1. Some Guy

      (Tries not to be racist… sounds like a racist)
      Also, That’s completely untrue, it’s not like exclusively white people take these photos, and then black people want to follow along. a lot of people of various ethnic backgrounds take photos like these, long before the fappening began. If black women feel compelled to take these photos then it’s more to do with their personal discretion and/or what happens in the world around them, not what the White people are doing, it’s not like black people all idolise white people.

  6. damien

    I don’t think it’s her because if you look at the one pic of her in her bikini you can see a scar on her stomach from a surgery she had in the last couple years and the nude pics you don’t see any scar.

  7. Skeptic

    If you see a scar it’s because you are trying to. I see no scar. I see grainy images and water. You can’t even tell if all the naked pics are of the same person, you can’t see any features that would help, like face or hands really. The tits look like they could become hers except the belly with the tits does not. The pussy, who the fuck knows. I’m guessing they aren’t her. The pics that definitely aren’t her at the end really push it over the edge for me. But hey, there’s just as much evidence that god exists as there is that those naked pics are sarah.

  8. Justthink

    maybe you should all stop fantasizing over some girl when you probably have bettr chances of getting your dick sucked by a picture of her than the girl herself

    1. Doug

      Lol wow racisism from someone who thinks black people are taking selfies JUST to look like white people… someone talking shit for looking at the pictures while having “no chance with the actual girl”… Like this fucking idiot is dating Sarah hyland.. And lastly about 4 different medical professionals that can’t agree where the kidney is??? Back to reddit it is

  9. Yourmother

    These I believe are of her. She had a kidney transplant which would have a scar in the front not in the back as previously stated. When you have a transplant they leave the old kidneys in and put the new one in the front which would explain the scar placement. Sorry to get technical. Back to fappening.

  10. Adam Selene

    The nudes above are NOT of Sarah Hyland. Ms. Hyland is a donor kidney recipient. Evidence of such a surgery is a lateral scar from above the pubis to the lower ribs. The pictures above show no such scar therefore they are fake.

  11. Adam Selene

    Sarah Hyland received a donor’s kidney. She has a lateral scar that extends from below her sternum to her lower right and ends just above her right buttocks. It is covered with scar concealing makeup on photo shoots but should appear in most of the above “spontaneous” pictures, it does not. Those photos are faked.

  12. Gorg

    None of the explicit pics are her. She has a huge scar on her abdomen that is missing in all of them.

  13. UK Watcher

    The explicit photo’s show what seems to be the same belly button jewellery as the girl in the later pictures so is probably her. Maybe a friend of Sarah’s? Remember just because they are on Sarah’s phone doesn’t mean they are of her or even taken by her!


    Whoever it is someone needs to teach them how to shave a Purdy better than that! I hate when they are so lazy and leave the long hair down at the bottom and around the butthole. If your going to shave shave it all including the inner lip part so it’s nice and smooth. If you can’t do it right then just let it grow but don’t do a half added job!


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