Sarah Hyland Leaked (31 Photos + Videos)

Check it out new leaked photos of Sarah Hyland. Sarah Hyland is an American actress. Age: 26.


111 thoughts on “Sarah Hyland Leaked (31 Photos + Videos)

    1. Sisko

      With the usual password reset question…

      Q: Favourite food?
      A: Pizza or hamburger

      I destroyed so many of my friends MSN Messenger accounts back in the day.

      1. RonaldTrump

        Yup. Pizza, jelly or ice cream worked wonders for me.

        A few I couldn’t get into but never thought of burgers!!! Such a shame everything has moved to phone numbers now 🙁

    1. blowme

      probably will never get full frontal, She had a kidney transplant and the scar is pretty visable if you look straight at her. Which makes me think this is more likely to be real. She is still kind of shy of the scar and here she is hiding it but still doing a sexy pose.

        1. Hammertime

          Not true – my sister donated her kidney and has three scars, all on the front of her body with the largest being just below the belly button.

    1. Brent

      By the looks of the phone and charger, i would say thats the iPhone 4/4s. Would explain the quality, and also why she doesn’t seem as crack skinny as she is nowadays.

  1. DCIN

    Probably an older pic. Looks like iPhone 4 by the charger which was released in 2010 so she was probably 19 in the pictures. Very Nice

  2. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    Sara: For your eyes only!

    PuppyMonkeyBaby: Sweety
    I told you that my love is
    too much for you. I’m sorry
    but you can’t have my love.

    Sara: But why…

    PuppyMonkeyBaby: Listen.
    I’ll let you suck my dick this
    last time o.k.

    Sara: ok thank you.

    PuppyMonkeyBaby: ☺

  3. Anond

    Either these are old pics that were just released or she needs to upgrade. That’s an iPhone 4 or 4S, the charger is in the picture.

    1. The dude

      She is honored, I am sure! That is some high praise from you, since I’m sure you are so busy having sex all day that it’s actually hard to pencil in a celeb.

      You would fuck her. Guess what? I would take a billion dollars if Bill Gates offered it.

      You would fuck her.

      Doing her a favor like that would surely get you into heaven!

      Sarah, you are such a lucky girl!!! This guy would fuck you.

  4. Dad

    Fucking AWESOME!! What an amazingly sexy body. Lover those tits, too.

    Looks like she’s in her trailer at the studio.

  5. The Mad King

    PuppyMonkeyBaby, you don’t have a life do you? You seem to have so much time to write such dumb fucking bullshit about some overrated chick that isn’t even a 6 let alone a dime piece. Get a life you worthless fuck and while you’re at it, find a better looking woman to dream and drool over.

    1. PuppyMonkeyBaby

      Dear The Mad King,

      I write this as your mother continues to suck the shit off my dick. As I have just completed anal sex on her. I told her to flush out her poop suite. But she was unable to due to the fact. That you are a worthless son who spends hours on end. Inside the bathroom just masturbating to homosexual porn.

      It doesn’t take 2 hours just to take a shower you know.

      I and your mother have been talking and we feel that it is time. That you move out of the basement, find a real job (delivering news papers once a week does not count) and seek a psychologist help.

      Your mother said that she is tired of cooking for you. Cleaning up the basement and finding your dildos, nipple clamps, and what I had to explain to her, what a butt plug was.

      Aren’t you tired of being a loser yet?

      Go Fuck Yourself!

      Love, PuppyMonkeyBaby

  6. josh

    apparently there are more of her, pussy shots, her and a friend sucking a dick, pussy spreading from behind..

    hope so!

  7. thejimmy

    She is so average. What’s with all the hyped comments in this forum? Y’all must have been in the closet too long.

  8. Duh

    E-list celebrity? She’s on one of the top rated shows on TV, just because you’re out of touch doesn’t make her not famous.

  9. rob

    Don’t know who keeps leaking these pics, but thank you sooooo much! And why don’t these girls hide their nude pics better. You would think they would have known better after jlaw nude pics got leaked. Only wish their was butt pics of sarah.

  10. Tainan

    I can not download it. It says only premium user can download. Why in the name of God do you use this server?

    1. The dude

      Not hos/unrepressed women being themselves. Good luck with ever getting any, dude. I’m going to go ahead and ban you from this site and the whole internet for being so stupid that you call a free gift a ho. Really? It’s ok for you to take them 2 big gals who work at the 7-11 over in Rascom county every sat night, even though your crotch smells funny for 3 days after that, and these 2 souls can’t explore a little and have fun without being his? What century are you living in?

      And the sants said amen.


  11. Riven

    Says I now need to pay for a premium account to DL the videos. Seriously, you need to find a decent file server. This shit is getting old.

  12. John

    FileJoker is a joke …. after waiting and captcha etc for a 11mb file

    This file can only be downloaded by Premium Member
    Upgrade to Premium Account and download any files at unlimited speed!

    1. Rick

      I can download, but what is supposed to be a 11.9mb file is only 7 bytes when you download it. Highly suspicious!!!

  13. The dude

    Dear Jesus, as.I lay down my head tonight, which has visions of Sarah’s vagina and butt dancing happily on the shelves of my spank bank that is now worth a cool billion, I thank thee for laying it on this young girls heart to share the gifts with which she has been bestowed. A couple weeks ago, G, I was a little sad and a lot happy when I saw Rouseys’s glorious hood and thought there was nothing else to accomplish. Lord, I submitted my masters thesis in vaginolgy on that topic and posted it here. Thank thee Lord for showing me, in thine wisdom, that there is always a new mountain to climb. For, though all vaginas are more or less similar, the girl they are attached to makes each one as fresh as the newly fallen snow. I praise you, God, and truly wonder at thine handiwork. Thank you for beautiful Ronda and now beautiful Sarah to satisfy my male curiosity until I am equally curious 5 minutes from now. Truly it is amazing how each new nude makes me feel like a 12 year old seeing his first naked woman. For males are eternally curious, and this vaginal curiousity thankfully can not ever be satisfied.

    Yours forever, Lord,


    1. The dude

      We are all still waiting patiently to see your little piece of heaven, Ariel. And the big pieces of heaven that gently hang above the little piece of heaven like watermelons dangling over a, um, hmmmm….geez, tough analogy, so kinda like watermelons hanging gently and firmly above a vag? Sorry, that sucked. Anyway, any chance we will actually see your vag in this lifetime?

      I don’t think that boyfriend dude you walk around with will mind – he looks pretty chill about other dudes checking out his g/f’s junk.

      I don’t blame you for ignoring this nonsense, but do me a favor and send it by code. Your name is secret agent MFXXX. (Modern Family XXX initials). Just use that name and send a thumbs up if you plan to get naked for us soon or a frowny face if it’s a no-go.

      I like all the camel toes and things and stuff, but you are still thinking like a high school girl. Big girls do not wear underpants in their ‘leaks’.

      By the way, that fake nude of you on the bed was a double fake – first, it wasn’t you. Secondly, I am a PS expert, as I often brag on here, and some careful work revealed a clean slit under what was a fake open vagina. It is rare to get a double fake bomb dropped – were you messing with the poor fellows?

      Anyway, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least step up and ask the favor. Thank Sarah for me, and please see if your mom dumphy and Sophia verges might consider a very special Christmas double leak for us this year. If they were both leaking in the leak, twould be a Christmas miracle.

      We need to close the loop and get al you MF girls out there. It’s no crime to make men happy. Phil and the brother and manny and Al Bundy can keep it on please.

      Tell Phil we are…..he’ll get it.

  14. gfd

    Can someone up the video to a different place please?
    The first link gave me an empty rar and trying again will take 5 hours

  15. Mickey Varco

    I guess I always knew she would have her own leaked photos’ for times I’ve always known how hot she is at her age, I don’t mind how she feels about girls. Even if it’s one’ve her closest friend’ I would imagine that girl she was on top of was actress Laura Samuel, that girl is also hot like sarah’ I hope she got more somewhere, I would like to see more.

  16. Hunter13

    ..and Sarah’s pics are gone.
    Good thing Celeb Jihad isn’t run by a bunch of pussies and they still have them.


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