Ronda Rousey Nude (3 Photos)

Check it out HQ nude photos of Ronda Rousey for ESPN Body Issue 2012. Ronda Jean Rousey is an American mixed martial artist, judoka, and actress. Age – 30 years old.


98 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Nude (3 Photos)

  1. Jonno

    That’s the first clunge I’ve seen here in weeks, dunno why she’s hiding her tits. Nice arse though.

  2. Bronha Brousey

    Now that nobody remembers her…let’s release some nudes so that people may recall who the fuck she is lol

    1. goldfish

      It’s definitely real. I know “anyone can claim anything” on the internet, but I’m a photographer, and I can tell you that these definitely look like real outtakes from the shoot. She was definitely nude for the original photos, but I’m sure there was an agreement that the photos would be cropped and that whatever was published would be non-explicit. But somehow these leaked. They’re real. It’s as simple as that.

      1. Baby got backhanded

        Completely accurate. This was an uncropped version of an original that ESPN used in their 2012 The Body issue.

      2. ujoh

        A lot of time for these shoots they wear patches to hide nipples and their pussy so it’s surprising for the outtakes she didn’t and was fully nude. Amazing these haven’t leaked before

      3. JustCametoFap

        You know they’re not actually naked during these shoots right? They have coverings specifically for this. Why even risk these photos getting out?

        1. goldfish

          you can tell they’re real due to the high resolution of the photo, the continuity of the skin texture, and the general optical consistency – these are not fake.

    2. HOLYYY

      It can’t be fake. The pic is WAY to high a resolution for someone to convincingly fake it that well. That is 100% genuine that photo.

  3. She likes the D

    That tattoo is very poorly done and her pussy isn’t very well shaved, looks like it’d scratch a dude’s dick or something. With that being said, that’s a nice pair of tits and a very nice pussy!

  4. Zippo

    Oh, these several years old photos, thanks for posting them! Such a service!

    Enjoy the click I just gave you, you cunts.


      You must be a retard …. did you notice her clit in the ESPN shoot back in 2012? No. Because it only leaked now.

      You cunt.

  5. Snipes

    Not fake you dumb cunts zoom in you can see every crease and hair follicle on her body this is pre edited for release fuck people are stupid!

      1. Snipes

        JustCametoFap The original was cropped you dumb cunt I am saying if the added pussy wasn’t real it would be low Rez and photoshopped…you can clearly see it all matches.

  6. Reaperman8807

    For those claiming the pics are fake, they are from a ESPN magazine back in 2012. There is even behind-the-scene pics if you do a search of her posing for those pics. They are 100% REAL.

  7. Zippo

    ..okay, do how did someone photoshop my little nub masquerading as a dick onto her body…guess that’s why the boys in my hood affectionately call it a ditty……

  8. Owen

    These are real, they are original and not air-brushed! Damn, I wonder who finally leaked them from the Sports Illustrated Body Magazine shoot.

  9. FitGirlz

    The original picture stopped at the tattoo and offered much less zoom, but comparing both, this looks like a non-shopped version of the full picture (which would have her pussy in it), and it does have some details that make me think this may be legit. Could be a leak from the photoshoot?

  10. Hmmm

    Gotta say–these don’t look fake. They’re hi-res, and there aren’t any obvious signs of Photoshopping. Also think it’s unlikely that someone faking Rousey would use such a non-conventional vagina.

    Also also, y’all might have missed that there are two topless photos there too–both of which look legit.

    1. Reality Check

      >>Also think it’s unlikely that someone faking Rousey would use such a non-conventional vagina.

      Not sure if understand this comment, would you be willing to elaborate just a bit? What is non-conventional about her vagina? Just curious. Thanks in advance for any reply.

  11. No

    Not only does the pussy picture look legit but the other 2 photos look like new angles of the photoshoot too.

    I’m saying real leaks.

  12. CK

    Why did it take 5 years for these to leak if they are, in fact, real and legit? I can’t find anything online even remotely close to these nude images. They sure kept the goodies under wraps, didn’t they? . . . Until now, that is. Good for us, at least

    1. wawee

      Probably because her career is dead now. She was able to get a few movies out of her fame. We had to pretend for a minute she could take on men and beat them to appease the bandwagon feminist fans. Now that’s shes lost 2x in a row her career is done. So now she needs to leak these to get some attention back.

    2. Reality Check

      >>Why did it take 5 years for these to leak if they are, in fact, real and legit?

      It’s a great question, here is my guess.
      5 years ago she was in the prime of her fight career and was the reigning world champion…with sponsorship deals and huge endorsements.

      With the major recent losses in her MMA career and possible looming retirement…it entirely possible that someone leaked these with her blessings, to attempt to stay active and relevant in anyway possible, I am sure she realizes the in MMA fame fades very fast… I don’t know if you are an MMA fan, but 10 years ago all everyone talked about in MMA was Chuck Liddel, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture…now, there are literally a new young generation of fans who have no idea who those guys are (when is the last time they have even been mentioned) and they have quickly faded into obscurity.

  13. DemiGod410

    100 percent real guys, some hero at espn editing leaked these cleare, that’s really her pussy, an her nipple is exposed in the second pic, these are the non shopped, non airbrushed, unedited pics from the shoot !!!

  14. Friend of a friend of RR

    She looks like she has a tight pussy! I bet she sure can grip a man’s cock from the looks of her pussy! It’s hard to say for sure without having a spread position view.

  15. Imgreedy

    More please dear lord
    .. Please ask and you shall receive I’m sorry if this is immature but the joy this brought when I saw this was like the joy of winning the lotto

  16. Patrick

    This is not difficult to figure out, guys. Her MMA career is in the tank. A cooch pic is an easy way to get people talking about her again. If she doesn’t get the mileage she wants out of this, expect a sex tape by this time next year.

  17. Alex Lear

    These aren’t even leaks they were printed in the magazine why do people think they’re leaked. They’ve been on the internet for years.

  18. Nick

    Usually they wear stick on underwear to cover the genitals so you don’t have to worry about things like this. Surprised she didn’t wear any

  19. the dude

    Dear GAWD, there are a lot of gay people on here. Anyone who would spend half a second finding fault with anything about these pictures is a sexually frusterated gay guy who is pissed that the straight guys get to see celebrity clitorises every day while the celeb penises stay thankfully clothed (except for that unfortunate Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber incidents; Justin Bieber is a gay dude for sure, since only gay guys really want to show their schlong as much as he does – straight men keep it hidden unless a woman asks for it to be pulled out since they are smart enough to know that only gay guys like looking at it anyway). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Gay dudes, let us straight guys just be happy when we see a joyful picture like this and stop trying to piss all over it. If anybody is going to be pissing, then I hope it’s Ronda Roussey in a video leak (no pun intended) next week or so. That I’d like to see.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for being gay unless they are on this site trying to ruin my party. Go to, sign up, and enjoy some naked male celebs all night long rather than trolling on here, please. I don’t go to your gay porn sites and criticize all the gay porn dudes. Why do you have to come on here and criticize my ladies? Geez, there’s just too much anger in the world.

    Anyway, now that I’ve attended to that bit of business, back to the matter at hand. That photo is, without question, tied with the Abigail Spencer masturbation videos for the best celeb nude leak of all time. At first, I was sure that it was fake, but when I finally convinced myself it was real I could barely contain my excitement. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent photoshopping Ronda’s bodypaint photos trying to get a glimpse under the “hood”, no pun intended for the second time. Little did I dream that one day she’d purposely on accident release a photo of herself with her beautiful, shaven, sweet hood on full display.

    There’s only one problem. Now that I’ve seen that picture of Ronda Roussey, I don’t think there’s another nude release ever that could make me this happy. It’s like I have achieved the pinnacle of my sexual goals in life by seeing that photo and there’s nothing left to achieve. When you spend your whole life in search of the perfect celebrity nude and then it pops up by surprise and wallops you across the head, you suddenly realize that you have reached the top of the mountain and there’s nothing else to try to achieve.

    The good news is that I should be more sexually calm from now on. Now that I’ve seen Ronda this naked, there’s no frusteration left. I came, I saw, I conquered. I’m going to miss the thrill of the hunt, but it has been sweet catching my visual prize. I’ll forever be grateful to Ronda for accidentally on purpose showing us her sweet genitalia. She stands tall next to Abigail Spencer on my bank of spank trophy shelf.

    Of course, the one way to find a higher mountain to climb would be if Ronda showed up at my door and offered to let me put my face in her thing. But that isn’t going to happen, is it?

    She may no longer be the MMA champ, but she is the champ of nudes. Only Abigail Spencer has come close to creating this level of excitement in me. I don’t know how it can be topped.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still look forward to celeb nudes, but I think Ronda has set a standard that cannot be beaten by anyone. I’d sure like to see some famous ladies try, though. Time to whip it out, girls. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about anymore. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every shaved celeb vagina at this point. There’s so much material out there that men have a hard time keeping up with it all. Take your turn, mark your place in history, and make a lot of guys like me very happy. There’s no harm in bringing joy to the world.

    1. Smh

      Get a grip dude. We are here to see nude celebs, not read your fucking thesis. There’s part of your life right there you’ll never get back.

  20. Jack

    These are real, not simply because the first one looks real but because the other two are unreleased photos from the original photoshoot.

    If you go back and look at the originals, the second and third pictures from this post are not included.

    Now unless you believe that the faker actually created those two photos from nothing (hyper-realistic paintings, CGI?) then there’s no reason to argue about them being legit leeks.

  21. Mike M

    I am an adobe cerified expert and if the first image is fake it’s a pretty good one. However there is definitely a possibility that it is a fake, I could create something just as authentic looking in about 20 minutes if I had the original. I hate to say it but it’s most likely that she is wearing flesh tape over her vagina in the original and someone photoshopped just that part. However I believe the second two are probably real. You can find a bts image of Jamie Andersons espn body shoot that clearly show her bare areola so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Ronda would not be covered. I’m still really hoping they are all real.

  22. Ademir

    Sou fã dela como lutadora. Agora como mulher (que bucetinha linda…deu vontade de chupar, morder, comer… deliciosa!).

  23. Scott

    Fake or not, I prefer to believe that I am truly looking at Ronda Rousey’s barenaked cunt, and you can’t take that away from me 🙂

  24. AJ

    I’m no expert on Shooping at all, but I zoomed in, IT’S 100% FAKE

    you can see when fully zoomed the pixelation is different on the pusi compared to the rest of the pic

    took me 10 seconds to see it. So why has nobody else made this same comment??

    The pixelation for the pusi to the rest of the pic is 100% different

  25. Robert Inonanob

    The area around her pussy is clear of any sign of photoshopping. I gamma adjusted the hell out of it and examined it closely. AJ is wrong, there is no difference in pixel depth. You cannot save an image with 2 different pixel depths in the first place. The depth of the pixels is applied across the entire image.

    That said, there is some questionable blurriness and pixel ripping on her outer thighs at the very bottom of the image.

    I cannot say with absolute certainty that the image is a real outake, but I cannot will absolute certainty say it is a fake either.

    What I can say is if this image is a fake, the artist is extremely talented and that is the best fake I have ever seen.

    Real or fake every time I look at those ripped thighs, pelvic mound and dangerously muscular pussy all I can think is that that I would die a happy man if that thing latched onto me a crushed the life right out of me. 🙂

  26. Spankmaster

    Fake or not, it looks real enough for us all to fap over it, so why the fuck then must we go on with all this fucked up rigmarole about it not being real? I have my hand down the front of my pants right now to prove to you all just how much I care as I look at Rhonda’s cunt. Stand back please, we have lift off…


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