20 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Bodypaint (22 Photos)

    1. BanditLovesTheCock

      Damnit,I meant to say Who in the hell wants to see a censored picture,I want to see the “Uncensored” pictures.

  1. Endgame

    Could be I’ll be proved wrong, but I’d be totally surprised if any uncensored pics ever get out.
    But then again I’m kind surprised there were even censured pics available to get out in the first place.
    This girl is by no means stupid or financially broke enough that she needs to use her pussy in a public venue to keep her name in the news or entertainment section. I’d be surprised if her lawyers aren’t suing someone’s ass for these pics as I’m typing this comment.

    1. Jello Pudding

      You literally say it’s a public venue and then say someone is going to get sued. TMZ knows what they are doing and if this was in public, then paparazzi can take whatever pictures they want. And do people really not understand these were just ripped from TMZ? The admin can’t just magically get the uncensored pictures.

  2. spanky

    Would anyone be surprised if the censored area didn’t need to be censored, and it was done to get more publicity?

  3. Real Link

    Here’s a link for one of the pics of her uncensored body paint pics, doesn’t really show anything. If these are as bad as it gets, idk y they would censor it at all.

  4. kekkolen

    Isn’t this the one who endorsed the biggest cuck on the planet, Bernie Sanders?

    Then she proceeded to get BTFO in a fight right after?


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