Rihanna Nipple Slip (8 Photos)

New paparazzi photos of Rihanna. Nip slip at Met Gala after party in New York 05/04/15. Rihanna is an American singer and fashion designer. Age 27










4 thoughts on “Rihanna Nipple Slip (8 Photos)

    1. Bodie Broadus

      Feet people weird me out. Don’t understand the fetish. Mainly because I don’t understand being attracted to something that you yourself possess. Now, I know the same can be said about asses, but chicks’ booties are way different than guys. They have hips and curves that don’t accompany humans with dicks. When it comes to feet, sans hair and nail polish, they’re nearly identical.

      Anyway, you feet people give me the creeps.

      1. Nells

        Actually, women’s feet are thinner, more gentle and elegant. They look beautiful in some way, like all parts of the woman body. I actually like men who appreciate the woman beauty, not just boobs and ass and that’s it. I like a guy that would like my face, my neck, arms, hands, breasts, stomach, legs, butt, feet… every part of me, and would appreciate it. But however I think people with foot fetish are strange… Imagine if I met a guy and was attracted to him and was about to have sex with him, when he suddenly asks: “Can I massage your feet?” and then ask me if he could suck my feet or have a footjob… Ok, that would be weird.


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