Renee Olstead Naked (20 Photos)

Leaked nude photos of Renee Olstead. Renee Olstead is an American actress and singer. Age 25.


Renee Olstead Naked 01

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18 thoughts on “Renee Olstead Naked (20 Photos)

  1. Dem

    I didnt take Renee to be a slut. But it seems I was wrong.
    With her talent in romantic jazz she could have been the best ever.
    But ppl who are really serious about romantic jazz, won’t put up with
    he being just another slut like Madonna.

    She let a lot of her most loyal fan base down.
    I trashed every one of her C.D.”s
    and will never buy another. I know many
    in our jazz club who feel the same.
    Locally and nationally.

    1. Seriously? DEM, really?

      Then it seems that genre of music is completely full of fuckboys who need to fuck each other with a cactus dildos if that’s actually the case. Seriously. Get over it. You’re supposed to like music for the music not because if someone is a slut or not. She was expressing her sexuality and looks good doing it. Sorry it shatters your “dream girl” issues you have.

    2. In Chains

      Oh no, she’s not a pure little virgin who lives up to your 1950s-style fantasies of what women (whom you’ve never met) should be.
      Come on, grow up. Making these photos for her boyfriend doesn’t make her a “slut.” Expressing her sexuality doesn’t make her a slut. And even if she posted these publicly herself, it STILL doesn’t make her a slut. (And even if it did, so what? She’s not YOUR girlfriend/wife, so it doesn’t affect you.)

      Plenty of male performers have been actually promiscuous (“slutty,” to use simple terms). Do you view them with as much disgust? If not, then you have a serious double standard.

    3. Gilbert

      You are so dumb, She was young and sent them privately. Thats why ppl like you suck, Quick to judge. What does her pictures have to do with career. I tell you what, nothing, they get thrown in her face by fucked up ppl like your stupit ass. Shot yourself. Let pple be. There is more important thing in life to worry about then pictures.

  2. Dee Guy

    Dem… I’m a huge Renee Olstead fan. Have been, always will be. The fact that I got to see the goods just made it that much better. If you trashed all her stuff, then you must have absolutely no clue what goes on in the music biz.

  3. Cherokee Foxx

    I have never met a woman of Norski descent who was not a slut.
    Where I live, we are surrounded by them and they are all sluts. Even the local pastors wife and daughters.
    It’s something in the blood line I suppose. Renee Olstead is no exception.
    But if she is not careful. She will piss off her main demographic group.. Not to mention her squeeky clean producer David Foster. In fact. These photos may be the reason he has not written or produced for her in any way since the photos were leaked. These idiot young people dont know when they have a good thing going. She was on top. Now, she’s fading at twenty five. So sad.

    1. In Chains

      I guess you define “slut” as “anyone who isn’t a virgin until marriage, and even then pretends to be one & never enjoys her sexuality.” I’m guessing that only applies to women in your mind, too… it’s a typical double-standard of slut-shamers, after all.
      And what’s with the weird ethnic thing? Having blonde or ginger hair & being less uptight than Ichabod Crane is automatically bad? Seriously, did you grow up extremely sheltered, or were you just raised to believe that “Leave It To Beaver” was a realistic depiction of the world?

      Funny how she’s making more money as an actress these days than she did singing. I guess that’s what you call “fading,” eh?

  4. Winter

    Please continue to sput shame. Ignore the sugar water arguments of the feminazi cows and brand every slut that has a chance to influence youth. No more worship of prostitutes.

  5. Pete

    The fake tits are usually a sign of desperation as are taking nude pictures of yourself, if you are depending on acting sustaining you than these two things are required these days, whereas singing, I mean real singing, not autotune which is not singing, does not rely heavily on having big fake tits and nude pictures plastered all over the internet, what she does in her private life is of no concern to me, but if God forbid those pictures are released seeing her in a movie or TV show doesn’t have the same impact being it is a visual medium and proactive, but listening to music puts you and the artist on another plane, music is something almost spiritual you don’t need the image of the singer nude with huge fake tits clouding that aural experience, don’t get me wrong she is hot and her husband is one lucky bastard,, if he appreciates what he has, a lot of them don’t, as an actress, and I confess I never saw anything she was in, I first came across her by accident on YouTube when I stumbled upon a clip of her singing with a big band when she was sixteen and being a fan of the genera I was immediately hooked and not knowing she had anything to do with acting I sought every recording she made and sadly there were only a couple, but I thought if she stuck to singing again I emphasize real singing, she could go places but alas it looks like this won’t be so, because unlike singing, acting is fleeting, as they get older especially women, the parts dry up and they look for a younger model, then where will it end, bigger tits,,facelifts, the skies the limit, whereas singing is timeless and ageless, less so than acting defiantly,

  6. Butter

    She is absolutely beautiful and with a sexy voice to match Hearing Skylark or Midnight at the Oasis just shoots me up like a rocket. These pics just add a cherry on top.

  7. Calicea88

    Good lord…she has an amazing body. My ex used to watch secret life of the American teenager and I remember her from that show, but fuck…I did not picture her like this. This is amazing to say the least


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