Poll: Sofia Vergara vs. Lindsay Lohan

Sofia Vergara Sexy

Sofia Vergara

Lindsay Lohan Sexy

Lindsay Lohan

Sofia Vergara or Lindsay Lohan?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Sofia Vergara vs. Lindsay Lohan

  1. turdsandwich

    Retarded poll. I don’t have anything against Sofia Vergara, but I’m not really into thick latinas. But cmon man. Her vs Lohan? Lindsay Lohan is a used up, half plastic, worn out ho bag. Why is this even a question?

  2. Andreas

    So why are you assbags rating them on what they look like now when the poll was clearly them at younger ages……Sofia was an absolutely gorgeous woman even without make up and Lindsay looked good as hell before all the drugs and alcohol ruined her looks. As for thick Latinas, where is she thick…..perfect curvy figure whereas all those stick girls need 911 sandwiches……once again a poll for juveniles to contribute their empty heads…..

  3. Turlough

    Lindsay Lohan wasn’t bad when she was younger, before the drugs, the booze and the hard partying lifestyle took their toll, but Sofia Vergara is one of the most freakishly fit women of all time. Even as an older woman she’s amazing. This isn’t much of a battle.

  4. Spankmaster

    No contest what so ever. People would be happy to crawl through broken glass just to stick pins into Sofia’s shit, whereas Lindsay is just shit that is no longer capable of being polished, no matter how hard we try. Clearly, we know what is truly sexy and Sofia is full of it…


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