22 thoughts on “Poll: Melissa Benoist vs. Anna Kendrick

  1. Max

    This is a tough one. I’d go with Melissa because she has shown some stuff. And she’s a slightly better actress as well.

    1. pboi

      I like both to b clear…but to say MB is a better actress…even slightly better….ummm, who has an Oscar nomination?

  2. Maitland Ward is a COW

    Anna Kendrick is the complete opposite of Cowland Ward. She’s gorgeous. Melissa slightly loses this one.

  3. Jack

    The cutest would have gone to anna.. but melissa is just the complete sexy woman… In the last lot of hacked photo’s did you see how she was massaging her blokes balls while he was fucking her… I love that…. thats kind of the unofficial signal me and my girlfriend have that says “Ive just remembered, I’ve got work in the morning so cum inside me now!” And I always do…
    Nice try kendrick but ms benoist just oozes sexual awsomeness…

  4. Spankmaster

    So will I, Smithers, but I must state that Anna Kendrick is so much hotter and NOT ugly in being the ultimate pocket rocket, along with Emily Browning. And having said that, it’s fap time…


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