14 thoughts on “Poll: Maitland Ward vs. Bella Thorne

  1. ballen

    Bella is the highest chance of getting HIV and Condyloma
    Maitland have been married since 2006.
    dislike both, but for the saftey for my penis I would pick maitland over bella the slut

  2. Carlos T. Jackal

    Jeez, put ’em both in a sack and beat it with a stick and you wouldn’t hit the wrong one.

  3. JoP

    LOL – I requested this poll yesterday, wanting to know what this community thought. Comments are exactly what I expected.

  4. Jae

    I’ve had a thing for Bella for years. She’s trashy as hell, but there’s something of an allure there because of it. I’d take either, but would choose Bella every time.

  5. Spamwhore

    Both are attention whores with fake tits, so it’s really a choice between an ogre and syphilis. I think I’ll have a beer instead.

  6. Bob Lee

    I see the usual boys have shown up.
    I’ll take the full figured Maitland any day over an anorexic woman


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