52 thoughts on “Poll: Maitland Ward vs. Bella Thorne

  1. Baller

    LMAO drug whore compared to the fattest ugliest famewhore on this planet, i rather the drug whore of course (bella)

  2. ballen

    Bella is the highest chance of getting HIV and Condyloma
    Maitland have been married since 2006.
    dislike both, but for the saftey for my penis I would pick maitland over bella the slut

  3. MissThornesFan

    They both turn me on so much… But BT is almost perfect.
    Maitland is a 8/10, while Bella is a 9.9 or 10/10.

  4. Not_Really_Lonely

    I wish I wasn’t so lonely! I wish I had a girlfriend! I wish I didnt have to jack off 8 times a day! Im so horny! Please be my friend on Facebook. I only have one friend. Mark Z.

  5. Carlos T. Jackal

    Jeez, put ’em both in a sack and beat it with a stick and you wouldn’t hit the wrong one.

  6. JoP

    LOL – I requested this poll yesterday, wanting to know what this community thought. Comments are exactly what I expected.

  7. Jae

    I’ve had a thing for Bella for years. She’s trashy as hell, but there’s something of an allure there because of it. I’d take either, but would choose Bella every time.

  8. Spamwhore

    Both are attention whores with fake tits, so it’s really a choice between an ogre and syphilis. I think I’ll have a beer instead.

  9. Bob Lee

    I see the usual boys have shown up.
    I’ll take the full figured Maitland any day over an anorexic woman

    1. theSwede

      I think you confused fat and unhealthy with “full figured” and well trained and highly healthy, when it comes to body and nutrition, with anorexia.

  10. Poo

    If you threw a really feminin looking dude into this poll I may go for the dude. This is a real rough pole.

  11. Doug

    It’s like a choice between projectile vomiting and flaming diarrhea. Goddammit, where’s the age and nationalities, and the cock choice?

  12. savio

    This is unfair, to choose between my two favorite chicks here, but i will choose Maitland, hope Bella looks awesome too when she reaches Maitland’s age.

  13. Ass Up

    I sure would like pictures of both Maitland & Bella bare ass up doggiestyle to determine this poll. Recently Maitland posted one so far.

  14. Jiminyanne

    Why does anyone find bella attractive? ? Ever seen Jeffrey star? They are basically twins. She looks like a tranny. No thanks

  15. Jugmane

    Bella Thorne ugly as shit
    Probably gotta stanky loose pussy
    Maitland got nice big tits and from the look of her pussy looks nice and tight

  16. I Hate Fags

    For some of the losers that post on this website,the poll should have been do you prefer White or Black cock up your ass.Because we know most of the fucktards that post are a bunch of faggots anyway that have never even touched a woman besides when they came out their whore mothers pussy when they were born.When I was young we dreamed of seeing hot celebrity women naked all the time,these faggot ass snowflakes these days do nothing but complain when a woman takes their clothes off and insults them left and right,so we know that you’re all bunch of closeted fuckin hipster queers.

  17. Jeffrey

    I’m sure Mairland it’s a lot of fuck among the tailors, that other girl will be a total wreck in five years

  18. theSwede

    So I get to chose between a woman who doesn’t attract me at all, a woman who can make my boner disappear in seconds with one of the most beautiful women in the world?

    It is a hard one.

  19. Sick rick

    Bella, obviously, looks like she could handle a dick. Maitland looks like she would just smile and pose stupidly.

  20. omg

    I don’t know if it’s photoshop but Maitland butt looks better than a lot of 20y girls. I have a feeling that making sex with Maitland would be better than with Bella Thorne… °-°

  21. Spankmaster

    Maitland forever because:

    And now, Maitland’s end is near and so i will fuck her ginger beef curtains. You cunts are all just queers and I will state my case, of which I’m certain. I will fuck her until she’s full and may I say, not in a shy way. And more, much more this, I’ll tongue her my way.

    Frank Sinatra has nothing on me. So stand back please, we have lift off…


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