Poll: Lara Croft vs. Alice

Who is your favorite?

Lara Croft

Lara Croft from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)


Alice from Resident Evil (2002)

Lara Croft or Alice?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Lara Croft vs. Alice

  1. No

    Jolie’s Lara Croft was a better character in better movies and it’s a pity they only made 2.

    But Milla Jovovich showed tits ass and bush in Resident Evil so it’s a tough call. I think that still remains the only videogame movie to feature full frontal nudity. It’s gotta count for something.

    1. No

      Jolie was also absolutely perfect casting for Lara Croft whereas Alice has always been a shitty fanfiction character.

    2. NewdDewd

      Jolie was fucking awful for Lara Croft-Barely able to muster an English accent and the films were terrible-which is why one has an RT freshness of just 19% and the other 24% and both score less than 6 on imdb….lol.

      I mean granted the Re Evil movies are shit too-but Jolie perfect as Lara Croft is just wrong.

      They also didn’t make more becuase both are considered critical and commercial flops. The second one cleared it’s budget by just around 60 million dollars and taking into account additional monies for ots pretty big advertising campaign it really is looking at a profit of around the 20m mark which is a big big flop.

      1. No

        Nope. Perfect casting. At that point in time what other established mainstream Hollywood actress would better have suited the role?

        First movie was passable but ALL video game movies are terrible, passable is above average. Second movie flopped because it was shit and everyone knew it was shit like what’s currently happening with BvS.

  2. Tim

    Both are sexy as fuck, but Angelina clearly is the one is this pick. Had you pitted Angelina against Kate Beckinsale, I would be hard pressed to choose.

  3. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    When I first thought about which actress would make the perfect live action Lara Croft.

    Angelina Jolie was the first choice that popped into my head.

    Mind you the movies were mediocre at best. But she was the embodiment of that video game character.

  4. Spankmaster

    Equal footing, I must admit. I am glad they only made 2 Tomb Raider films, but they perfectly cast with Angelina Jolie, a woman you would quite happily thank as she ruthlessly fucks you over. Milla is just the same, with her accomplishing the same thing in all her Resident Evil films, in being a nasty fuckpiece. Yes, threesome for me with both ladies is quite applicable…


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