Poll: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Kristen Bell

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sexy

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Kristen Bell Sexy

Kristen Bell

Jennifer Love Hewitt or Kristen Bell?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Kristen Bell

  1. J-Love

    J-Love is a legend. Supposedly has some of the best tits ever.

    I remember telling her on MySpace many years ago to celebrate her body…hell put it on a billboard.

    I guess she went for it a few years later.

  2. Roy Rogers Mcfreely

    I can’t believe this is this close.I think Kristen is very cute but common.
    I remember seeing the Jackie Chan movie The Tuxedo (2002) and all I could stare at was her boobs and her ass in the tight dresses they had her in that whole movie.Also go watch Heartbreakers (2001) and she will give you a boner the whole movie.

  3. BumTovin

    J Love is god tier celeb T&A.

    Apparently the worst lay in Hollywood, but if we are only looking then its still no contest.

  4. ondo

    Woah.. Prolly the hardest poll to decide on thus far. Can’t help but put my on on Bell tho, sooo sensual, teasing and sexy it’s insane!!

  5. KingKokos

    So the competition was one of the best sets of tits to ever grace Tv or movies and a chick with so small tits Veronica Mars couldn’t find them. JLH all the way!


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