Poll: GoT s07 – Best Sex Scene

Emilia Clarke 🐲 + 🐉

Nathalie Emmanuel 👅✂

Best Sex Scene

  • Jonerys (63%, 28,150 Votes)
  • Grey worm & Missandei (37%, 16,244 Votes)

Total Voters: 44,394

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10 thoughts on “Poll: GoT s07 – Best Sex Scene

  1. Jesse

    As much as I love seeing dany’s tits she didn’t show much in that scene so the award goes to sexy ass missandei who is always down to show the goods and looks amazing doing it.

  2. The Mad King

    I mean you don’t even see anything except Jon’s ass. M+GW was longer and you could see A LOT MORE. Fingers crossed for extended or deleted scenes of D+J in the DVD set.

  3. joe

    Considering that you couldn’t see anything but Jon’s ass in the first one I don’t know why so many people voted for that one.


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