Poll: Gif battle: Amanda Seyfried vs. Kate Beckinsale


Amanda Seyfried – “The way we get by”


Kate Beckinsale – “Haunted”

Amanda Seyfried or Kate Beckinsale?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Gif battle: Amanda Seyfried vs. Kate Beckinsale

  1. Misato

    Are you fucking kidding me? Kate Beckinsale doesn’t have nude scenes in this movie. That was a body double. Her real nude scenes can be seen in Uncovered (1994).

    1. Hellraiser

      Beckinsale did not use a body double in the movie Haunted. I’m not sure where you got your info but its wrong.

    1. No


      Even if the contest was labeled correctly as “Amanda Seyfried vs whoever the fuck this other bitch is” Amanda still has nicer tits

  2. JGriff

    What is Amanda’s scene from? It says “The way we get by” but I can’t find anything she’s done with that title in IMDB.

    1. No

      It was a Broadway show. Least I think it was Broadway.

      Point is was a live theatre play that we were lucky enough to get leaked video from. So you won’t find it on IMDb.


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