Poll: Christina Hendricks vs. Vica Kerekes

Christina Hendricks Boobs

Christina Hendricks

Vica Kerekes Boobs

Vica Kerekes

Christina Hendricks or Vica Kerekes?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Christina Hendricks vs. Vica Kerekes

  1. dude

    At least Vicka does not pretend, that she is clear and innocent, and actually showed her boobs. Goodbye, turning-to-granny Christine, we won’t like it when it become hit your knees while walking.

  2. Jay~D

    Don’t know who Vica Kerekes she is but she a hot redhead. See why compare the two look like a younger Christina with smaller but nice boobs. Look like her in Serenity

  3. joe

    Not many people know who Vica Kerekes is so that’s why I would expect Christina Hendricks to win the poll but Vica deserves it. She is a younger hotter version of Christina and she isn’t shy about getting nude.

  4. Theoderich

    Thats’s actually a tricky one! Both do it for me massively but in the end Vica has to be victorious. She has the edge because of her willingness to be naked on screen.

  5. Max

    Just watched Vica’s nude scene. Gotta admit, she deserves to win this poll and many others. Her boobs are fantastic!

  6. The Next in line

    Vica hands down. She is the perfect package.

    Yeah her tits are smaller but they don’t touch the floor without a bra. She also has an AWESOME ASS and SUPERB LEGS, something that Christina never had.

    Their facial characteristics are very similar but Vica is younger and naturally she looks more cute.

    1. Vicalover

      Absolutely correct my friend. Vica wins hands down, there can’t be any arguments about that. Vica is the best, she is miles ahead compared to that rotten bag of fat and lard that is hendrics bitch.

  7. GlabTab

    Christina is aging super badly, but I had to throw her one last vote before she gets into that repugnant territory that all pale redheads age into.

  8. Iluvfeettoo

    I love Christina but her feet are sooo disgusting!!! I cant get past them.. i wish they were perfect. Vica is like a great alternative to my pale skin red hair fetish.


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