Poll: Best of the best on Instagram

Selena Gomez Sexy

Selena Gomez – 95.1m

Taylor Swift - 88,7m

Taylor Swift – 88,7m

Ariana Grande Sexy

Ariana Grande – 82m

Beyoncé - 81,6m

Beyoncé – 81,6m

Kim Kardashian -79,9m

Kim Kardashian – 79,9m

Kylie Jenner - 71,6m

Kylie Jenner – 71,6m

Nicki Minaj - 63,7m

Nicki Minaj – 63,7m

Kendall Jenner - 63,5m

Kendall Jenner – 63,5m

Khloé Kardashian - 54,6m

Khloé Kardashian – 54,6m

Katy Perry - 54,4m

Katy Perry – 54,4m

Best of the best

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Best of the best on Instagram

    1. pboi

      that’s because it’s only the women’s pictures, we know ur ‘best’ are the dic pics, bet Bieber and Bloom’s dic pic made it to ur ‘best’ list


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