Poll: Best Boobs of 2016


Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Nude 1

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Sexy Topless 21

Genevieve Morton


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Selfies 2 dikoross.ru

Sabine Jemeljanova

Sabine Jemeljanova Topless 2

Best Boobs of 2016

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21 thoughts on “Poll: Best Boobs of 2016

  1. tommygunny777

    No Rosie Jones? Are you kidding me?

    Bella Hadid: cheap famewhore with nipples way too high on her tits
    Emily Ratajkowski: famewhore and butterface
    Genevieve Morton: body of a goddess with a moonface
    Kim Kardashian: the original famewhore and definition of trash
    Sabine Jemeljanova: who? also: chubby

  2. Smh

    Prior to finding this site, I had never seen anyone ever say anything negative about Emily’s looks. Universally, people talked about her like her face was beyond gorgeous, and they still do, everywhere else online. Says a lot about y’all.

    Correct answer is Bella btw.

  3. pboi

    to all of u ‘butterfaces’…what is it w/ u idiots? r u just into guys or in a pissed off tantrum because u can’t have her? if u ever find a girlfriend, I want to see what they look like in comparison…and that’s IF u can ever b w/ a GF. I understand everyone has their preferences…but to go so far as to say she’s a butterface? maybe u guys r just dumbass douchebags.
    and to tommygunn777 (whatever)…really? r u jealous that u can’t b a famewhore?…why the fuck do u go on this site? they r celebs/actress/models/etc… their livelihood is to b exposed, to b seen, to b talked about. that’s like u being a male hooker and sucking cocks and people calling u gay…it’s just ur job

    1. mrbigdickshotchicks

      The only thing more pathetic than the haters is people that can’t accept different opinions (even if they are not elegantly stated).

      Yes, none of the given choices has any discernible talent whatsoever. No, I don’t think Emily Ratajkowski has a pretty face. Yes, Kim K is the cheapest kind of trash there is.

      But this poll is about tits, nothing more, nothing less. Tits, the greatest things in the world. And at least that’s what all non-faggots should be able to agree on.


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