Poll: Bella Thorne vs. Anne Hathaway

Pick Your Favorite!


Bella Thorne


Anne Hathaway

Bella Thorne or Anne Hathaway?

  • Anne Hathaway (66%, 52,604 Votes)
  • Bella Thorne (34%, 27,199 Votes)

Total Voters: 79,802

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Bella Thorne vs. Anne Hathaway

  1. shut your mouth

    thorne will have a nose job within 5 years and they will claim it’s to repair a “deviaded septum” She’ll most likely have her lips plumped up too in an attempt to look like every other manufactured star in hollywood. Stupid whores.

  2. Harry

    LOL people who vote for Hatheway over Bella frigging Thorne arent paying attention.

    Not exactly a fair comparisson. Bella is clearly an exhibitionist with her personal endeavors… She ll do official nudity before long. Anne is cute too but not in the same leauge…

  3. Dr. PeterEnis aka P.Enis

    What kind of question… hathaway of course. I like redheads but thorne looks like a plastic lil´ doll and not like an human being.

  4. pboi

    I don’t get this comparison…I can understand ‘who has a better ass’ or who’s the hotter ‘brunette’ or ‘blonde’, but this makes no sense. they’re both cute, but after seeing Havok…I love me some Hathaway

    1. shut your mouth

      no you don’t. all you like is Taylor Swift and my little pony you phag. Tits give you nightmares.

  5. vitobonespur

    Bella Thorne is incredibly cute and has a dynamite body. Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, is stone cold gorgeous. She has magnificent brown eyes with beautifully arched brows, sensual lips, and a body (including superb tits) that rocks. Bella’s body could stop a truck. Anne’s body could stop traffic.


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