Poll: 4th of July: Alyssa Arce vs. Sara Underwood


Alyssa Arce

Sara Underwood

Sara Underwood

Alyssa Arce or Sara Underwood?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: 4th of July: Alyssa Arce vs. Sara Underwood

  1. Moron

    Alyssa Arce’s breasts are not natural. Implants are not the only way to enlarge breasts. Implants are not solely made of silicone. Stupid kids with no clue. You have internet. You can read about any topic you want. Look up fat graft and stem cell breast augmentation. Believe it or don’t. Your bubble will break eventually. I will keep saying it every now and then when people can’t tell boob jobs. I can’t stand it. Go ask any plastic surgeon; show them the pictures. They will give you instant reply with only one look. I have seen too many breasts. And i can differentiate easily. In some cases you can’t tell. In some cases you have to look from different angles, in some cases it helps when the arms are up. Been surfing pornography for years. I am not proud of it 🙁
    Implants or not, i don’t know. Hers are not natural at all. Most of the females in showbiz/movies/photoshoots are obvious give away.

  2. Moron

    Girls as young as 16 are getting boob jobs and getting in to whore business. Just yesterday i found this account of a girl model on vimeo.com with a photoshoot video in skimpy clothes. She has a description there giving usual information about contacting her for rates and work. It also says that she is 16 and she can’t do nudes cause of her current age 😀


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