Paige WWE New Leaked (3 Pics)

Here are new preview pics of Paige’s sex tape. Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige is an English professional wrestler, actress. Age – 24.


Thanks to Adriano and King for the info!

47 thoughts on “Paige WWE New Leaked (3 Pics)

  1. Darookie

    That isnt paige.. There are a few more pics in this set where the tits are visible and they are saggy and nowhere close to paiges tits

    1. Dhdbs dhsh

      They’re fake, these screenshots shots are from gfrevenge porn video. The girls first name is kirsty or Kristy. (I forget)

  2. Wrong

    Not Paige, it’s Kacey Quinn a pornstar: wwwDOTxvideosDOTcom/video25077111/target_practice_-_kacey_quinn

    1. NoFatChicks

      I posted a link showing this was indeed a porn star and the link was deleted. Pretty obvious we’re being purposefully deceived.

  3. AJ

    So? Big deal. She has leaks every so much times. These are just an addition to the many leaks out there of her already. Would make you wonder if these are accidental leaks or not.

  4. Gully Bull

    NoFatChicks is right. What a joke this website has become. You might as well post another “real or fake?” picture.

  5. NoFatChicks

    Crapper either doesn’t read the comments or just doesn’t give a fuck. Might as well call this place Celeb Jihad.

  6. Me

    This isnt Paige. Proof has been uploaded it a chick from one of those girlfriend videos, dont remember her name but it isnt paige unfortunately.

  7. Morella

    When I first saw these, I kinda doubted it was Paige but I had to leave at all the people who said “It’s not her!” because several of them kept saying “It’s not Paige!” when the REAL ones leaked and Paige had confirmed it was her.
    That being said, as stated several times already, this isn’t Paige at all. It’s Kacey Quinn and I think it’s pretty bad that the people who run this site just grab something and go with it and–even after proof has shown it’s NOT her–they’re still saying it’s Paige.


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