Paige (WWE) Leaked (19 New Photos)

Check out new leaked photos of Paige WWE. Saraya-Jade Bevis is an English wrestler, actress. Age – 25.


Thanks to A Ventura and King for the info!

65 thoughts on “Paige (WWE) Leaked (19 New Photos)

    1. Sisko

      WWE is family show! How is she not fired!?!? Parents bring their 4 year old kids there. Then the kids go home and Google Page, and this is what the see!

        1. L. Knight


          You go take a chair shot to the brain box. You go take an RKO outta nowhere. You go take Braun Strowman’s Powerslam, or The Undertaker’s Tombstone, go get trapped in the Asuka Lock, take Roman Reigns’ Spear and then call it fake, fuckhead.

          1. Nelo

            Its scripted you mongoloid, winners predetermined. Its basically stunt actors performing stunts, yes the stunts are real but the content is fake.

      1. John

        Because you are firing someone for being sexually assaulted…which is what these leaks are opens them up to massive lawsuits. So they are likely just paying her to sit at home from this point forward.

        1. klawicki

          No, John…this is not sexual ASSAULT. IT may../MAY…be considered a sex crime. But no..not an assault. Don’t embarrass yourself.

      2. idiots are everywhere, especially you.

        “Chicks fake beating the shit out of each other in rhinestone bikinis is a family show!” Said no well adjusted family ever.

        1. L. Knight

          That’s my line, motherfucker.

          Also, that was circa 2008. Now it’s rhinestone shorts and sports bras, which are much better.

      3. Jebus

        To all you morons tearing into Sisko – he’s parodying what Triple H said about why Chyna isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame.

        Go smoke some cocks, you losers.

      4. 4yr old

        Haha well bruthhaaa it’s not like they are running around naked on tv and a 4yr old should not be on the internet by themselves. Very bad parenting if you let your little child use the internet unsupervised. I love these naked hoes. Keep em coming my man

      5. John Doe

        HHH once fucked a dead corpse. Yeah real family friendly. They’ve had ton of female wrestlers get their shit leaked recently as well. If you fire Paige it’s because she’s an abusive alcoholic and drug user. Not because her personal pictures where stolen and put online.

      6. L. Knight

        Because this isn’t her fault, you dipshit. That’d be classed as wrongful termination. Did she leak the pictures? no, hackers did. iCloud is a pile of shit, no one should ever use it, but when their stuff gets out, it’s not their fault.

        Did you bitch this hard last year when Becky Lynch called Alexa Bliss a bitch? Or when she said “C U Next Tuesday”?

    1. Les Grossman

      Yeah I’m sure she’s missing out on you grabbing your tweezers and jerking your two incher tonight. Her loss I’m sure.

      1. you are the turd pie

        Homeschooled moms are better than your nigga mom who hiked her shirt at every tramp and called it charity balls

  1. Gutter skank whore

    She strictly dates cuck faggets. Which is odd cause why are fags fake dating whores in the first place. All you cucks need to Stop lying and pretending to be straight and be the fag that real Heterosexual men know that you really are. You’re not fooling anyone.

  2. Bill

    I dont think the texts are real. the guys name isnt really woods it would be like using the name terminator in an arnold leak.

    1. Austin Watson

      It seems like a lot of people call him Woods in shoot conversation tho so it’s believable she’d have him as that in her phone

    2. klawicki

      OF COURSE they aren’t real. Anyone who thinks that random, faceless pictures mixed in with the obvious real ones are EVER real themselves hasn’t been paying attention for the last THREE YEARS. Similar to the people that actually still think that the obvious AFTER photo for vaginolplasty was Katharine McPhee.

      1. Bullshitter

        If the WhatsApp one of her bent over isn’t real how come the curtains in the background to her left are the same as the ones in the other pictures where her face is clearly visible??

    3. klawicki

      OF COURSE they aren’t real. Anyone who thinks that random, faceless pictures mixed in with the obvious real ones are EVER real themselves hasn’t been paying attention for the last THREE YEARS. Similar to the people that actually still think that the obvious AFTER photo for vaginoplasty was Katharine McPhee.

    4. Vulture

      It’s not unheard of for wrestlers to refer to each other by their ring names. For example, there are some guys who worked with Mick Foley in his WCW days will call him Cactus or Jack. Regal’s real first name is Darrin, but a lot of guys use William/Bill or Steve(n). Given Paige and Woods would have probably only met in NXT, it’s not completely out of the question that she may simply call him that. On the other hand, it’s usually more common to use real names if your relationship becomes… intimate. I’m not making a case for either, it could very well be fake. All I’m saying is you can’t disqualify it on that detail alone.

    5. Anon

      pro wrestling is a little different. even behind the scenes many people address each other as their stage names. some don’t, some do. but for those who do, it’s a way to help maintain the character in real life. kinda like method acting. for example, if a fan sees him in the street, theyre gonna address him as Xavier Woods. CM Punk is a good example, he explained in a podcast how he felt a fan calling him Phil was rude and disrespectful. To him, only friends and family should be addressing him as his real name, while fans and coworkers should address him by his stage name.

    1. Horny Plotter

      I don’t think that selfie is him; pretty sure its her boyfriend at the time Brad Maddox (the “Tyler” she referred to)

  3. Mark

    All of these WWE whores with the fake titties are disgusting to me. Whenever I see “WWE Leak” anymore, I think, “Who cares?”

    1. Your Daddy

      That’s not a C-Section scar you stupid fucking wasted chromosome go fucking kys since you’re wasting more of your life than any of us here

    2. Carcinogen

      Funny, you mentioned the scar.
      Paige was pregnant at 18, but had to get surgery as she developed ovarian cysts. Because of the surgery, her unborn child died and possibly rendered her infertile.
      Hope that helped. Sorry to be a downer.


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