Olivia Black – Stretch Me Out – ManyVids (45 Pics + Video)

Watch new lesbian sex video ‘Stretch Me Out – My Slutty Yoga Student’ with Miss Olivia Black and Bare Naked Chef from ManyVids (2018). Olivia Black is an American tattoo model, cosplayer, Suicide Girl babe, performer and television personality best known for Pawn Stars (2012-2013). Age: 27.


Olivia Black is a former cast member of History’s highest-rated reality show, Pawn Stars. She worked in the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop as a night shift employee. But in 2012, Olivia was abruptly fired from the Pawn Stars without any clear notice. Her sudden dismissal from the show left many of her fans and the viewers disappointed.

Video: Introduction To Olivia Black (Pawn Stars)

26 thoughts on “Olivia Black – Stretch Me Out – ManyVids (45 Pics + Video)

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  2. Al

    She was fired because she had done nude modeling. Apparently the producers didn’t mind Chung Lee’s criminal record, but drew the line at nude modeling. Against their so-called Christian morals and shit.

    1. mbwaka

      Aj. Apparently in towards world(throughout), the word murder, kill, stab, shoot, hang etc isnt taboo, but sex, fuck, pussy, slit, squirt is.

    1. Vulture

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