Niykee Heaton Sexy (8 Pics + Gifs)

Niykee Heaton shows off her boobs in a lace bra and butt in tight pink leggins with no panties – Instagram, 03/24/2018. Niykee Heaton is a singer-songwriter, YouTuber, model, producer and social media star. She has more then 2.5m Instagram followers. Age – 23. Born – December 4, 1994.


8 thoughts on “Niykee Heaton Sexy (8 Pics + Gifs)

    1. Hot Mess

      To be fair, Sir Mix A lot and 2 Live Crew were the ones who got the ball rolling when it comes to big fat asses being desirable. Don’t give Kim too much credit.

  1. Severin

    She’s erotic as fuck when she performs on stage. The wives and girlfriends who take their lovers to one of her concerts are pretty much guaranteed to get fucked after the show. She builds up a lot of lust in the audience.

  2. C

    Am I really the only one that doesn’t think that a woman that is all plastic or plastic in anyway is attractive. Fake body parts are disgusting.


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