Nicki Minaj Sexy (2 Pics + Video)

Nicki Minaj promotes her new single – Instagram, 12/16/2017. Nicki Minaj is a Hip-hop artist, actress from Saint James, Trinidad And Tobago. Age – 35.


6 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sexy (2 Pics + Video)

  1. Obvi

    Dear crapper,

    Barnyard and zoo animals are not sexy. That includes the virtual variety. It especially includes the baboons.

  2. Radixx

    Damn, the pics+vid ain’t that great, but the the racist motherfuckers here need to go back to sucking Trump’s dick and shut the fuck up

  3. AJ

    Radixx, spare ur breath. The racists are like cockroaches on this site….u won’t be able to get rid of them. Just wait till the likes like KKK Clansmen Bandit and Nacho get a peek at this one. Their Trump loving pussy grabbing comments, while their fucking themselves up their asses, will be posted shortly.


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