Nicki Minaj Selfie (1 Photo)

Here’s a new sexy selfie photo of rapper Nicki Minaj from Instagram, 09/24/2017.


Thanks to Jack for the info!

11 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Selfie (1 Photo)

    1. Sisko

      Just pay $20. You can get in the zoo, then climb into the gorilla cage an fuck ones brains out. Youll probably get less stds.

      1. Outrageous

        Sisko, that is fucking appalling and outrageous! Ticket prices to the zoo cost $20 now? Agree with the gorilla comments though.

  1. boiiiiiii

    the day sex tape/nudes are realised countless cocks will get chafed all around the world

    specially mine holy shit that sexy nigress

  2. 100% Zippo troll, accept no substitutes.

    I’m almost positive I could mount either or both of those nostrils with my snot rocket which has been mistaken for a skin tag a time or two.


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