Netta Barzilai Sexy (30 Photos)

The final of the International Song Contest Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal) has just finished. Netta Barzilai (Israel) has won. Bookmakers for several months in a row predicted her first place. We offer to see some of her sexy photos below.


If you saw her naked photos, send us!

19 thoughts on “Netta Barzilai Sexy (30 Photos)

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  2. sam

    Fuck you crapper. Reminded me of my high school days when these fat cows were all I had for classmates.

  3. PeterK

    She won because of geo-politics and because the theme of her “song” made homosexuals, feminists and fat slobs vote for her in the televoting. Her song is terrible and she is a fat, disgusting, unhealthy slob.

    1. KingKokos

      Thank you, saved me from writing just about the same thing. Absolutely nothing sexy about this fat POS unless you like pig fucking or have a thing for beached whales!


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