Nathalie Kelley Naked (5 Photos)

Nude photos of Nathalie Kelley by Magdalena Wosinska (2015). Lightness of Being! Nathalie Kelley is an American actress, known for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (TV), “Body of Proof” (TV) and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. Age 31 (March 3, 1985).


Nathalie Kelley Naked 5

Nathalie Kelley Naked 4 Nathalie Kelley Naked 3 Nathalie Kelley Naked 2 Nathalie Kelley Naked 1

12 thoughts on “Nathalie Kelley Naked (5 Photos)

    1. pharoahegypt

      Nope! Let’s leave that bit of bush & just enjoy this naked hottie as nature intended, in nature….

      I think that guys who fear bush should take a look at their sexual preferences, and wonder if they prefer girls under the age of consent rather than real women…? Real life women have pubic hair.

        1. Stevie

          He “needs” it waxed. Needs…there’s someone who doesn’t like the female anatomy. Probably never seen one up-close and personal. I’m guessing 16 year old late bloomer who just discover masturbation and free online porn.

        2. Elisabetta

          A bit of a landing strip makes it even more sexy n adds natural feel to it.. Waxed pussy doesn’t really have the joy n feel that a bit of hair adds to it.. Ofcourse i am not advocating a rain forest down there, just a bit of lawn, well shaped n trimmed.. Tasty 😛

  1. Andreas

    leave the bush and let it grow……I like women not clean shaven little girl substitutes and if you’re afraid of hairy pussy then you’re not treating it right….


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