6 thoughts on “Nathalie Kelley Naked (13 Photos)

  1. Rich Baby Jerk

    Great! Well, that’s just real great. You’re giving perverts reasons and material to masturbate to. Stop taking nude naked selfies of yourself and posting them on fucking instagram. Myself included. Is that what you want to be like?? What does your father say about all of this?? Seriously, put some fucking clothes on and take a proper selfie. Stop being a masturbation occurrence and stop creating masturbation material for perverts to walk off to and milk it. WTF

    1. Pat

      You’re a fucking idiot, we’d jerk off to her with clothes or no clothes.
      She’s hot, you’re not. Go to church and keep praying, and don’t bother leaving annoying messages on sites that purposely pose pictures of naked people…
      You’re a hypocrite, one that goes on to look at porn sites, but then feels badly about oneself, and posts stupid pointless piece of shit messages that annoy the shit out of people to try and redeem yourself.
      Now piss off dumb fuck, channel A news is not on this website, you can find it on tv. Don’t forget to ask your minister to make sure you are cleansed of your stupidity.

      Thanks for getting me upset, fucking up my, and other people’s jerk off time, by some stupid waste of time message you put up.



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