Natasha Blasick Sexy (112 Photos)

Natasha Blasick, who appears in the upcoming comedy “All-Star Weekend” with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., is spotted shopping wearing revealing backless jeans in Hollywood, 10/22/2017. Natasha Blasick is an American actress, model, producer, musician, artist. Born in: Ukraine.



19 thoughts on “Natasha Blasick Sexy (112 Photos)

  1. JohnnyFuckFace1017

    you said it

    WHAT A WHORE – bet her daddy’s proud!

    I live in LA, but am moving back to the East Coast in three weeks…this is the kind of cultural vomit that makes me glad I’m getting the fuck out of this hellhole. LA SUCKS

  2. Werner

    Life in the USSR saw Natasha wearing homemade clothes and attending Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union camp. Interested in studying English from the age of six Natasha waited many winter hours for the most affordable public transportation to ferry her to and from her language classes. At the age of 14 she and her father, Sergei, were visited by a UFO. Natasha studied dance, acted in many plays and competed in several beauty contests. Eventually earning a masters degree in marketing Natasha bid farewell to family and Odessa on a voyage of love, to marry her American husband Martin Blasick.

  3. Doug

    Do you realise this entire set is just a dozen pics repeated over and over and over and over a goddammed time and btw, wheres her goddammed age?

  4. JR Salami

    Nice ass….had to google her…beautiful face. But in these pics she plasted it with a ton of cheap makeup..I guess bare ass jean…cheap whore makeup to full effect.

    But still nice face..nice ass…


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