7 thoughts on “Natalie Portman Sexy (15 Photos)

  1. Zephyr

    in this screencap from Closer you can see her asshole peeking out next to her thong. especially if you fiddle with the brightness and contrast.

    1. D

      Zephyr you are the man, thank you! I’ve wanted to see Natalie’s hole for god knows how long now. Tight and pink just as expected, you can see where her pussy starts too. Wish there was more, but boys this is the first and probably last time we will ever get a peek at Natalie Portman’s tight asshole – save it & spread it!

      ** Afterthought – considering how prude she seems to be, she probably forbids rimjobs. Nothing but missionary position followed by repentance, prayer, and fasting for Nat. **


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