Natalie Portman Nude (1 GIF + 4 Photos)

Hot nude photos of Natalie Portman from “Hotel Chevalier”. Sexy body and ass! Natalie Portman is an American actress, known for “Léon”, “V for Vendetta”, “Star Wars” and “Black Swan”. Age 34.

Natalie Portman Naked

Natalie Portman Naked 01

Natalie Portman Naked 02

Natalie Portman Naked 03

Natalie Portman Naked 04

4 thoughts on “Natalie Portman Nude (1 GIF + 4 Photos)

    1. No

      Agreed. I mean leave it to Wes Abderson to get her as naked as she’s ever been in a movie ever (and for it to be left in the final cut).

      But leave it to Portman to only agree to do it in such a way as to make it almost Austin Powers-level silly as to how much she’s covering.


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