11 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Topless (2 Pics)

  1. Spankmaster

    Anyone who likes her little tits would obviously get turned on to fried eggs being nailed onto a tattooed broom handle. I do hope she joins the 27 club; I have some rather tasty ketamine that will help her along…

    1. Bruno

      Not everyone is a retarded edgy kid like you. Her body is natural. That’s it. Plus, small boobs are the better. Keep masturbating for fake girls, kiddo

  2. Spankmaster

    Yes Maynard, and your point is? I don’t know whether you are praising or debasing Miley with your comment, so I’ll just take it that you are heavily insulting her because that’s about all she’ll ever deserve. Have a nice day and I’m sure, just like me, you’ll want her to die very soon…


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