24 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Naked (Hot Photo)

      1. Sisko

        It’s a joke… don’t be such a sore loser… she has a hillary clinton haircut… and shes grasping for freedome at some barred window basically… IT WAS HILARIOUS, AND YOU ARE MAKING IT EVEN FUNNIER, YOU BABY!

          1. Tony

            The only asshole here is YOU, you retarded snowflake indoctrinated toolbag lemming puppet. hillary is perhaps the most vile, corrupt scumbag to ever enter politics, you fucking IMBECILE. Whats the matter?? That makes you wanna cry??? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Fuckin’ dumb twit.

          2. ballen

            she is going down, step by step, clinton news network(cnn) even admitted trump was right and he was spied on
            when even the fake news like cnn who love obama and hillary turn against them the evidence must be overwhelming

        1. Recount

          Actually AJ and Monty Wears a thong holy fuck hates heteros are both assholes. Probably dirty ones at that too since they ride each other’s Hershey highway.

          1. Nope

            Nope. Renamed “Monty python and holy fuck I hate zippos”. He was a faggot as bagina and is still a faggot as Monty.

  1. Spankmaster

    Given that Miley is such hillbilly skank trash, a real life photo of her in prison would more than definitely be her chewing on some fat old dike on bike pussy so that she could get some cigarettes to smoke and simultaneously not get shivved. Anything to do with this horseshit fucking imagery is just a pathetic attempt at best to find God while holding back the impending need to drink her own piss. Hillary Clinton she ain’t…


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