36 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus (14 New Photos)

  1. Doug

    Fun fact: when I was a kid, I had to see a shrink for a few years because I made one joke about jumping out my bedroom window, freaky coincidence huh? But nevertheless go fuck yourself with a cactus and goddammit, wheres her age and nationality?

    1. klawicki

      IT’s too bad the psychiatrist wasn’t a quack.

      I honestly don’t know why this country has an obsession with telling people NOT to kill themselves when they clearly have nothing to live for. It is’t as if your life has gotten better since that day. You are still clearly lonely. And you know that will never change. Why should anyone have to go through that any longer than they need to?

  2. Doug-Less

    Like the ladies say when referring to Doug, there’s not much there upstairs or downstairs. Lol, they’re probably right.

  3. John Peterpuller

    The photographer had to slap her in the face with a Slim Jim to get her to put her fucking tongue back in her mouth fourteen times during this shoot.

  4. Miss Naked Miley

    It’s pretty pathetic when I wish for a naked Miley photo shoot like the old days. Now that she has signed numerous contracts with morals and behavior clauses.

  5. AJ

    Anyone noticed that Craphead did not refer to this set as “Sexy”? Rightfully so this time.

    And Craphead, you should hire Doug. Have him put his energy to some sensible use. Please.

  6. Patrick

    Honestly, she ain’t half bad cleaned up and with a little meat on her bones. It’s a damned shame how her “naked all the damned time” phase coincided with her “anorexic meth head” phase.

  7. Spankmater

    Grandfather Spankmaster here to tell you boys and girls a story.

    I had a real bitch of a principal headmistress who everyone hated because she was such an ugly, sour faced, horrible, extremely fuckfaced cunt of a whore that everyone also suspected of being a militant lesbian, but wouldn’t own up to it because she worked at a catholic school. Turns out we were all right because certain pictures of her surfaced where she was seen doing incredibly weird things to her dyke lover, despite supposedly being a fine teacher of English literature. Naturally, those pictures cost her her job, but we didn’t care because a) she never destroyed anymore lives with her educational presence, b) never having to look at her face again was supposed proof that God existed and c) she finally owned up to a life that finally made her happy for the rest of her life…before she died of an extremely slow and painful heart attack, also further proof that God supposedly exists.

    And the moral of this story?

    When you dress like a pig, act like a pig, sound like a pig and even look like a pig, then chances are you aren’t going to be a graceful gazelle or champion horse. This oinker really needs to stick her head in the trough til she drowns, regardless of what she is wearing or whatever lighting is used to make her more socially acceptable. Let me shoot her now and we can all get on with our lives…


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