Melissa Rauch Nude – The Bronze (2015) HD 1080p

New screenshots and clip with Melissa Rauch from The Bronze (2015). Hope Annabelle Greggory (Melissa Rauch) shows breasts during an acrobatic sex action with Lance Tucker (Sebastian Stan). Great buns, pussy and legs. Body double, unfortunately… Melissa Rauch is an American actress and comedian. Age: 36 (June 23, 1980).


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36 thoughts on “Melissa Rauch Nude – The Bronze (2015) HD 1080p

  1. Adam Harvey

    I went to see the movie. If Melissa Rauch actually did any nudity, you can’t tell it’s her and in several shots it’s clearly a body double.

  2. James Joyner

    I believe Melissa said that the “Gymnastics” are a body-double. That doesn’t mean it’s ALL a body double. Keep that in mind. The point of the scene is to show a comedic take on how Gymnast would have sex. Last I checked Melissa Rauch isn’t a Gymnast. So a double would take those parts. Just as a Gymnast wouldn’t do the full movie as they’re likely not an actress/comedian.

    Y’all Bitch too much for grown Men on a site featuring beautiful Women in different stages of undress. Go post on some damn Gay site.

    1. Riccy Diangilo

      Don’t tell them to leave, the comments are hilarious. After seeing the posts that are on this site, then reading the comments, I can’t stop laughing. FAP, keep posting. 🙂

  3. Curios

    So where did you find a cam of the movie anyways?? I actually wanted to watch the movie to begin with cause of the sex scene but I couldn’t find the cam anywhere but this is the second clip of the sex scene from a cam of the movie I have come across so is there a cam out there yet??

      1. Curious

        Yeah so does thepiratebay and and those r not scams or gimmicks and totally free. The cam isn’t in either site and not even on exodus thru kodi. I’m not gonna pay 15 bucks to have a “chance” at becoming a member just to find out anyways that the video isn’t there either. I’d wait for the dvd but at this point how badly the movie bombed in the theaters there may not even be a dvd. I just figured there must be a cam somewhere cause the sex scene clip is online but someone must’ve just recorded the one scene. Thanks anyways I guess.

  4. Somedude

    I watched an interview of Melissa for the bronze, she said that the body double did the “acrobatic” parts because she couldn’t actually preform them, but that the other parts were really her, and they actually had sex in the scene because the dude is her real boyfriend.

  5. No

    If it’s a body double for the acrobatic stuff there’s no reason for her to have done any of the rest of it herself. It’s just wishful thinking that any of it is really her.

  6. Fapper06

    Easy way of knowinh: Melissa Rauch doesnt have tatts. Some of these have the person in question with a word tatted on her right rib, just under the breast. The ones that dont have this tatt are actually Melissa.

  7. gladbagger

    The tattoo is on the left side and the only one I don’t see it on is the one were she is taking of the bra while he kisses her stomach, so bank your hopes on that pic I guess

  8. FSB21

    The only part of this sex scene that had Melissa Rauch was at the very beginning and at the end. All of the nudity was done by a body double and I think her name is Michelle Derstine. I believe she’s also a performer with Cirque du Soleil. The male actor also had a body double for this scene and he’s also a performer with Cirque du Soleil. Melissa Rauch has openly stated that the nudity in that scene was done by a body double. None of the nudity was from Melissa. Believe me, I was really disappointed too when I heard and read that.

    1. hexo01

      Unfortunately, you’re right. She actually said it during an American Night Show : .
      At first she told that the body double was only for “gymnastic” parts but then she admitted it was for the whole nude scene. Just let’s hope she will go “really” nude in ‘The Bronze 2’.

  9. Dave B

    Shattered that this is a body double. Whoever thinks Kaley Cuoco is the eye candy in big bang theory has rocks in their head. Goddamn Melissa’s hotter by far.

  10. Shrink

    There is ZERO nudity from Melissa here. Her only participation is some inserted closeups of her face. At 1:05 into the clip there’s a shot where she throws her arms in the air, and at the bottom of the screen you can clearly see a shadow from some fabric covering her boobs. At the very end of the shot you even see the white ‘band’ across her boobs if you look closely frame by frame. Had she been nude in some shots there wouldn’t have been a reason for her to be dressed in others. So not even the crew got to see her nekkid.

  11. Soap

    My question now is …..Why the hell do you say you will do a nude scene when your body double does all the nude shots ??? What the point then , just don`t do nude scenes if you are too shy and don`t want the whole world to see your private parts

  12. TB

    I have yet to find any nudity where you can see Melissa’s face. Which means it’s all a body double. A movie wouldn’t show an actress nude without taking advantage of including her face. If there isn’t a face or there is a cut away before going from body to face then it’s a body double. 🙁


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