Melania Trump Naked (29 Photos)

Check it out old nude photos of Melania Trump in photoshoot for Max Magazine (1995).  Uncensored! Melania Trump (Melanija Knavs, Melania Knauss) is the third wife of American billionaire real estate developer and 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. She is a Slovene-American jewelry and watch designer and former model. Age: 46 (born April 26, 1970).


Melania Trump Naked Trump Naked

Melania Trump Nude 1

45 thoughts on “Melania Trump Naked (29 Photos)

  1. FSB21

    There’s another reason you can add to the pile for ignoring Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee. The rest of the world must be laughing at us.

    At least Melania knows how to put on a good show for us with her nudie pics. Can’t say that I like her though

    1. Jimmy

      Whaa whaa I suddenly don’t like democracy anymore because people are starting to lash back against the POZ!



      Ps. Melania is hot as hell, another reason to support Trump.

    2. pharoahegypt

      We are laughing at ya…! Big belly laughs that go on for ages…. Can’t wait for Trump to get into power in November; then when you all moan we’ll remind you that YOU voted for him in the first place…! Ha Ha.

      That said, would you rather have Hillary Klingon in power…? Are you certain about that..????

      You guys are shit out of luck right now…

        1. ballen

          will you mean ?

          if america pic clinton, the cuckold wife of bill the entire world will laugh at stupid usa, no Trump is the next POTUS, this run is just BS

    3. 10inchchuck

      HAHA I bet you like that tranny Michelle Obama instead of huh?

      The problem is either you like to suck dick or you have not seen a REAL women in over 8 years.

      Trump 2016

    4. 4peace

      I can’t laugh since there’s an possibility that Hillary might become president.
      That women would start a new world war and go to war against many countries, Trump is atleast for peace.
      Voting for hillary is like voting for the nazis the only difference is that with hillary every thinking person knows she will start a world war the ones that voted for the nazis didn’t.
      Trump might be non consequent and a bit of a clown but hes the better option between the two of them.
      Vote for Hillary if you want more wars in the world and vote for Trump if you want more peace in the world.
      I think that Hillary will be a catastrophe for all the west and ruin the US while trump will be a catastrophe for the political powers in the west but better for the people of the west.

      1. Carlos T. Jackal

        Dude, you swapped the names! Hilarious.

        Just remember, this year, due to anticipated high turnout, Democrats will be voting on Tuesday, November 8th. Republicans will vote on Wednesday the 9th. Tell your friends!

        1. 4peace

          No i did not.
          You are only to fed up with Trump and hes personality so you miss what Hillary stands for and will do if she gets to power.
          She is for war but i guess you don’t see that until it’s to late.
          The US citizens need to get there heads out of their butts before it’s to late.
          Now US is bombing in Libya again and i know that it makes Hillary happy.
          Why doesn’t media talk more with Hillary about her stance on war?
          Remember where you read it first when the lesser gifted people awakes and understands what’s going on.

    5. ballen

      European are laughing at the democrats haha, such idiots, running around like fascist burning books and schools.
      Retards that prefer hitler over Trump

  2. Trump2016

    Way better than She-Hulk… who only became proud of her country for the first time in her late 40’s. Now THAT was embarrassing to have other countries hear from the White House.

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  3. Chex Lemeneux

    The media is doing there best to win this election for the Dems.I hope people see that and it backfires.

  4. Zippo

    what an ugly bitch with Marty Feldman nipples…..fake tits, fake personality and a fake husband, hugely bigly, very very disastrous jackass for a president

      1. Zippo

        neither Tranny or illegal and it seems that you know too much about trannies like all conservaturds….Trumpkist Orange is going down like a cheep whore……..oh wait he married one

  5. Troll Slayer

    Yup these are the kind of pictures i would imagine a mail order bride would take. I wonder how much that piece of shit Trump paid for her.

    If you think this slut is capable of being a respectable first lady then you are exactly what’s wrong with America.

  6. tRumPutin

    Melania is suing some guy who wrote an article that called her a “former prostitute.” Apparently the guy does regret one thing about that article – using the term “former.”

  7. Severin

    Still hot in 2017 too, although to be honest I’m more physically attracted to Ivanka (’95 Melania vs. 2017 Ivanka I’d vote Melania). Ivanka is one gorgeous woman. All of those children and she’s still stunning.

  8. Daniel

    Meh she was regular hot back then before she sold her soul to be with a mindless fascist orange gorilla so now i wouldn’t touch her with a tea spoon

  9. Dickarl Marxballs

    Smash the bourgeoisie! Down with the corporo-fascist masters! The cum of the proletariat will coat the tits of the 1%! Workers of the world, unite!

  10. aaron

    fuck stupid lame donald trump he is the worst president ever i hope that someone takes him out or they put him out of office i cant stand that piece of shit his ugly orange face haha america had the worst two choices for president

    1. jimmy

      Cry more please. If you’re an illegal, you’re going back. And we’re gonna build the wall so you can’t cross the border again.

      If you’re just salty because your bull got deported, you can always get cucked by a Trump supporter instead.

  11. Slayphiroth

    Wow, her face was shit even before the OP. And this fake tits… like looking at frozen biscuits. East-european import whore and a fat, rich douchebag with fake hair and red fake-tan.

  12. Ben

    Seems like all you would like to see Hillary Naked WTF. First time ever a First Lady nude, Enjoy it, unless your gay/trans Or Worse.

  13. Ew

    What a whore. We need to deport this hermie. Easily one of the worst looking First Ladies. She has a jawline that rivals a linebackers.

  14. David Scott

    Is it bad to pose nude ?

    Sorry I thought we were living in the year 2017.

    Those without sin, cast the first stone…. go on then.

    I have done a billion things in my life that I regret, and I’m not supposing that Melania Trump regrets these photos, maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t.

    I wonder if every first lady has been a saint all through their lives?


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