68 thoughts on “Maitland Ward – Hot Bedtime Story (5 Pics + Video)

  1. Allpishte

    You are right, we always miss and hope for these photos and vids . Keep going please . Thank you so much.

        1. Shes a cum queen

          That is one slutty, cock hungry face she has. I’d love to shoot my load all over her slutty face and see her lick the cum. She is a fantasy cock sucking slut come to life.

          1. Jizzer

            She does have a very jizz-able face. Its just asking to be jizzed on. So red hot and sexy

  2. KD

    You asked for other girls with premium snaps. Check out Suttin. Her Twitter is

    She has a “celebrity” angle too. Her mom used to be one of the Real Housewives of Orange County and Suttin, real name Raquel Curtin appeared on the show as well. Her mom is Lynne Curtin who was a regular on the show for a few seasons. Also, her sister Alexa did a few porn scenes under the name Jayden Taylor. She only did a couple of scenes though.

  3. She’s a MIWLTF

    (What’s the txt equivalent of vomit? Uuugggggffffhhh ) I don’t understand why you post so many sets of this 60 yr old looking MIWLTF

      1. You Sad Cunt

        As far as you are concerned she’s a MWWGYASG – A Mom-Who-Wouldn’t-Give-You-A-Second-Glance. She is so out of your class

  4. Meatflapflicker

    That Canadian chick hazy is fine, she’s got an only fans account hazyblue eyes or x or some shit

  5. Jebus

    If nothing else, I love these posts just because of all the triggered snowflakes that claim to hate her but click on every single post about her.

    1. Dr Cock and balls

      I’m with you Jebus, They must hate her ’cause like you say they click on her every post, proceed to vigorously ‘choke their chicken’ and then say they hate her. Think they are in denial of their lust for Ms Wards full and voluptuous body and that lovely dripping wet meaty cunt.

  6. Guy Frienderson

    Malice McMunn (Twitter.com/malice666McMunn) is a famous stripper, has a link to her OnlyFans page on her tweets

  7. King Kong

    I think Ms Ward must have had a cold shower after her red hot previous post. I’m a big fan of this entertaining lady who brings fun and eroticism to her shoots and videos. Loved the last RED HOT post and always keep a keen eye for her posts. Love you Maitland

  8. The Rock

    Maitland is as HOT as always. Unlike the other skinny girls on this site, Ms Ward always produces an interesting, original and sexy piece of work. I rate her a perfect 10, for looks, body, sexuality and originality. TOP MARKS MS WARD:>3

  9. Admirer

    Thank you Maitland. Really appreciate your photos and videos. You are one lovely and very sexy lady. Love you.

  10. ACE

    I see Maitland has introduced a lollypop into this photoshoot. Lets hope this is a practice for her next video when she will be sucking a big one !!

  11. Luciffer_Hellboy

    dara flowerbomb aka
    martini artnughan
    sarah harber aka
    bikinifanatics … ibi smiles pov blowjob

  12. Maitlands Fan Club

    There is never a time I don’t miss Maitland and her sexy slutty ways. Always loving her new stuff.

  13. Cold Stones Steve Austin

    Maitland is the best, Maitland number one. Give me a hell yeah. What? Coz cold stones said so

  14. Spankmaster

    Perhaps the people on this site will be kind enough to help me solve this dilemma:

    Do I fuck Maitland doggie style or reverse cowgirl when we do the porn movie, especially when I give her a much needed creampie that her limp dick husband won’t?

    Any and all suggestions will be most appreciated, particularly as all you extremely sad gay fucks who hate her will be just chewing on your grandmothers used underwear (colostomy styled, of course) to maintain your lifestyles.

    So stand back please, we have lift off…

    1. Cum on Maitland

      I suggest both. My lord if she is even half the smouldering cock devouring sexy slut she looks you are in for a treat. You may want to arrange for back up to fill in for rest breaks. this lady looks like she needs a lot of cock. Best of luck. My lord would I love to fuck the living shit outta this delightful slutty lady.

      1. Colonel Sanders

        Just want to see her orgasm and that cunt dipping. Want to see her sweating, exhausted and lying in a pool of her own cum. Finger licking good

  15. Make the slut CUM

    Personally I’d like to see her legs right back behind her ears and maximum stimulation of her CLIT. I’d love to see this lovely slutty whore given a MAXIMUM ORGASM. I would like to see her scream and buckle as she orgasm’s over and over. Make that sloppy cunt drip like a tap.

  16. Spankmaster

    Ok, Cum on Maitland and Maitland’s smoking cunt, I truly appreciate not just your feedback but your support in this matter. I will need back up and please understand that as I suggested it then I will be the one who goes in first. I have earned that right and providing she is a good girl, she will be kind enough to wash herself out so you guys don’t get sloppy seconds. So stand back please, we have lift off…

    1. Maitlands smoking cunt

      You have my full support (if your reading this Maitland !!), and I suggest you go in first, give it all you have, then go again in fifth. This is a team effort, I want this smoking lady all warmed up for the ride of my life. I want her dripping and after this marathon fuckathon she will be laying exhausted, in a pool of her own cum with a bemused smile playing on her face. Gold medals all round !!


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