Mackenzie Lintz Leaked TheFappening (72 Photos)

Check out the private photos of Mackenzie Lintz. Mackenzie Lintz is an American actress (Under the Dome). Age: 21.



33 thoughts on “Mackenzie Lintz Leaked TheFappening (72 Photos)

  1. Doug

    This is like looking at your naked sister because you never get to see any naked bitches, and she thinks shes so pretty because your psychopathic parents tell her she is but she looks nothing more than a boy with long hair

  2. Mark

    Hang on a second here… “Mackenzie Lintz is an American actress (Under the Dome). Age: 21.” Yes, that part is true. But then “Instagram: ” has a different name listed. Madison is her younger sister, per Wikipedia. Looking at the 11th most recent photo on Madison’s Instagram, you can see a recent photo of MacKenzie and Madison from 11/10/2017. So I believe these images are of Madison who WASN’T on Under The Dome. MacKenzie’s eyebrows are much closer to her eyes than Madison’s. Madison is the one who is 18 and was on The Walking Dead. I usually don’t post on leaks, but if you’re going to post leaks, at least get the name right.

    1. wawawe

      Some of the pictures look like Mackenzie (going by that massive forehead) but in some others it looks like Madison (the younger one from the TWD) hmm

      I’m confused

    2. Mark

      There’s a closeup of Madison’s face at that can be compared to the closeup face picture in the leaks. Looks similar, but much more freckles on Instagram, which could have been covered up by makeup. Same eyebrow shape and eye shape. Maybe there’s a third person in the mix here as well. I don’t know… I think we can all agree that whoever that butt belongs to has an incredible butt and should be extremely proud! 🙂


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