Lucy Hale Leaked (4 Photos)

We have two censored leaked photos of Lucy Hale. Welcome to the club! Karen Lucille “Lucy” Hale is an American actress and singer. Age 27 (June 14, 1989).


Lucy Hale Leaked 1

Lucy Hale Leaked 2

Adds (uncensored)

Lucy Hale Leaked uns 2

Lucy Hale Leaked uns 1


26 thoughts on “Lucy Hale Leaked (4 Photos)

  1. CK

    Reading these texts tells me that she may have “accidentally” sent these to the wrong person. At least, it almost sounds that way, anyway. Kinky. I love a chick who’s willing to send naked shots of her tits. 😀

    I just hope whoever censored these releases the actual UNCENSORED ones. They must exist . . . right? Oh, let’s give us another Christmas present, please.

    1. CK

      Never mind, NOW we have the uncensored shots. Thank you whoever was responsible for these, and thank you, Lucy Hale, for showing off your tits in the first place. 😀

    1. Jizzabella

      You’d expect the texts of a 13 yo to make sense? Yeah, she’s like 25 here, but has the mental development of a preteen. And this stupid fad of writing text under their tats. I’m sure that will seem like a good idea in 2-3 years. They dont grasp the concept of “permanent.”


    I can provide some explanation for the texts not making sense. As a friend, I can tell you that her texts rarely make any sense. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen her in person, but she still drunk texts me. Unfortunately, I haven’t received any like this…most of the texts she sends me I can’t even determine what she’s trying to say. Anyways, just thought I’d clear that up.


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