Linsey Dawn McKenzie Naked (4 Pics + GIF & Video)

Linsey Dawn McKenzie presents her show called Bodystocking Pussy Play on OnlyFans (2016). The brunette shows off her boobs, butt and pussy in this music striptease video. Linsey Dawn McKenzie is a busty (36F) British adult model, porn actress, and television personality. Born: August 7, 1978.



15 thoughts on “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Naked (4 Pics + GIF & Video)

  1. JoP

    My god,where did you drag her up from? She used to be a 10 min porn preview back in the 90s and she was a bit of a munter back then.

  2. s.smith

    Used to have some of the best tits and pussy,although her tits look better than they used to,the music soundtrack ruins it for me a bit

  3. Somebody

    This post sent from internet explorer???

    Agree with the other guy, she was a shit pornstar in the 90s, time hasn’t improved her much. That DOB is a lie, or i was watching her when she was a child.

  4. best ever

    haha wow what a fucking joke this site is

    now you’re posting porn from two fucking yeas ago from a chick nobody gives one fuck about

    it’s impressive this site manages to find innovative new ways to suck, well done.

  5. Spankmaster

    The old saying ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ certainly needs to be addressed as ‘mutton dressed as shit’ with this woman. Lindsey may have been decent back in her day for all her porn success, but now she looks as sad and pathetic as an aging transvestite. Best left cold on the slab it deserves…


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