Lindsay Lohan Nude – The Canyons (2013) HD 1080p

Screenshots and clips with Lindsay Lohan (as Tara) from The Canyons (2013). Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, singer, songwriter, model, director and producer. Age: 29 (July 2, 1986).


Lindsay Lohan Nude 1

Lindsay Lohan Nude 2 Lindsay Lohan Nude 3 Lindsay Lohan Nude 4 Lindsay Lohan Nude 5 Lindsay Lohan Nude 6 Lindsay Lohan Nude 7 Lindsay Lohan Nude 8


12 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Nude – The Canyons (2013) HD 1080p

  1. FSB21

    I don’t care what the haters here say about Lindsay Lohan. I think she looked incredible in her nude scene for “The Canyons.” Just look at her luscious boobs in those pics. Yeah, I know she has freckles on her body but whaddya expect, she’s a natural redhead. Her boobs still look good.

    Lindsay Lohan even looked good for her partial nude scene in “Machete.” She should really focus on getting back into acting so we could see her film more nude scenes.

    1. FSB21

      I forgot to mention in the first post above that the movie “The Canyons” was pretty bad and that Lindsay Lohan nude scene was the only good thing about it.

    2. Turlough

      Yes, she’s got great tits, but she looked better when she was younger and not raddled through drug use and booze etc. You see her in films like Mean Girls or Even that Herbie film (when she was 18 or 19) and she’s a beautiful young woman. Jump forward ten years or so and she’s deteriorated quite markedly. Just say no kids.

  2. peter hecel

    She was a beauty, too bad she wasted her best years in drugs and whoring around. She’s not a lost case yet, she just need to mature already.

    1. dan

      YOU are just JEALOUS, nacho ‘cheese’. Smile.
      Lindsay Lohan looks just FINE!
      YOUR negative responses are just plain RUDE. It is OBVIOUS you don’t like Lindsey.
      By the way, NICE language! It shows your ignorance!
      How many movies have you made?

  3. Spankmaster

    Fake tits, booze hound looks and one step away from ending up like August Ames. Sad indictment of her career in originally being a filthy hot redhead with promise to a meth addicted whore who probably contracts STD’s just for the fun of it. Quite tragic, really…


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