11 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Naked (12 Photos)

  1. alec

    One of the finest racks I’ve ever seen on an actress. Hope she finally does a proper sex scene complete with those tits bouncing.

  2. BBunsen

    The absolute kiss of death for any actress is connecting herself in any way with Marilyn Monroe. Of course, LiLo was sliding into anonymity well before this pictorial, so I guess she was just sealing her fate.

  3. Henry

    I was so disappointed by this when it came out. Couldn’t she just be herself with the red hair and freckles? That’s what everyone wanted to see.
    The Marilyn Monroe thing was fucked out twenty years ago.

  4. John

    She is a tired hag, even the playboy airbrush artist couldn’t smooth her out.
    I would have had a lot more respect for her if she just went to porn.

      1. darkhorse

        Figuratively a decade… Sorry if my memory for ageing playboy pictorials was inaccurate… either way it is old news.


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